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    1. [NORTHEY] We are back together!!
    2. Hotrum family
    3. Hello folks, After many years of... nothing! is finally bringing the Rootsweb mailing lists back to life. There is still much to be done but the lists are operational. This message will no doubt result in many bounces due to subscribers changing their old email addresses or cancelling them. If you receive this message then at least some of your lists are functional. This new version of Mailman software that runs these lists requires you to create a Rootsweb password for the eMail addresses you use here (they can be linked together) and this will enable you to use features that previously had to be requested -- digests, vacation pauses, etc. You are now able to set your own mail defaults and even have lists that override those defaults. Unfortunately Rootsweb's freepages are still offline and we have no date as to when they will be up and running again. In the meantime please send messages to this list to get conversations flowing again. There must be lots to report to other Northey researchers. If you are subscribed to other Rootsweb mailing lists then try them out too. Note: the archives of old list messages are not yet included. So searching/browsing the archives will only access new messages since the list were restored. Cheers! -- Dave (list admin)

    03/18/2018 09:04:26