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    1. Re: [NORTH-DAKOTA] Looking for some feedback
    2. COMMENT ON BELOW: Dan, Haven't had much time to check the site out but I do have a suggestion. Send it to the regular Roots list and maybe even the Newbie list and be sure to let people know that they can forward (or send) the site to other lists that they belong to. If it helps one person it's well worth it to go to everyone, on every list. Thanks for all your work and have a great day, Gretchen ORIGINAL MESSAGE: From: Dan Smith <> Subject: [NORTH-DAKOTA] Looking for some feedback To: In my frustration with the so-called free ancestry websites and free sites which are so cluttered you need a GPS to find your way out, I created my own. It's a simple collection of free ancestry resources and how to use them. My wife and friends encouraged me to put this website together. I kept getting questions from people who knew I was doing ancestry research and wanted to try it themselves. They were beginners and wanted to know where to go to get information about their ancestry. So I put this website together: It contains a lot of links to websites that are already in many of the GenWeb County websites. I just put them all together with examples of how to use them. So far I have received a lot of great feedback . If you have a website and you would like to add my website as a link, then please do. Thanks, Dan Smith

    03/27/2011 05:41:04