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    1. Re: [NEW-NETHERLAND] Petrus Oosterhout m. Sibyl [Sears?]; of Kinderhook 1766
    2. Perry Streeter
    3. Richard: Thanks for another reply. Specifically, I am looking for: 1) Evidence from primary sources to confirm which Petrus/Pieter Osterhout/Oosterhout married Sibyl Sears and resided in Kinderhook in 1766. 2) Any other children of Petrus & Sibyl (Sears) Osterhout of Kinderhook. Perry ============== From: Richard Hayes [] Sent: Wednesday, November 22, 2017 9:54 AM To:; Subject: RE: [NEW-NETHERLAND] Petrus Oosterhout m. Sibyl [Sears?];of Kinderhook 1766 Hi Perry, Catharina Hendricks was baptized on 16 Feb 1752 in the Old Dutch Church #6364. Her parents are Franciscus Hendricks and Elisabeth Falk. Edward Oaterhout was baptized on 12 Sep 1742 in the Old Dutch Church, #5466. Petrus Oseterhout was #5467. The parents are listed as Louwerens Oosterhoud and Nelly Whitaker. I have all of the Baptism and Marriage books. Can you state specifcaly what you are looking for. Richard

    11/22/2017 03:39:57