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    1. [NEW-MEXICO] Annuals Zozo NM
    2. Charles Barnum
    3. Hello Everyone, I recently added an annual to the web site for Lincoln Co. Carrizozo HS dated 1956. This is page one (above link) . The original page had been drawn on by a young person, I assume. I managed to remove the lines from all but the faces. I stopped work on the faces as I made the photos much worse. If anyone is gifted in the area of editing images and would like to edit that image, please let me know. Also, page has been stubborn inasmuch as I have been unable to get the image to display. I will eventually determine the correct code procedure, hopefully tomorrow. My stated project for the Carrizozo Annuals- school year books, will be completed if I can obtain, borrow, buy or rent the following annuals for Carrizozo in the years: 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954 and 1957. That is just four annuals~! I know they are hiding in a closet somewhere; Maybe they are in your Mother's or Grandmother's closet or storage room. I hope these vintage annuals give you as much enjoyment as they have given to me. Charles Barnum

    07/01/2014 10:29:53