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    1. [NE Seafarers] FROM THE ADMIN: Digest subscribers please note
    2. David E. Cann
    3. Please DO NOT reply to this on the list I'm the Admin of this list, and I would like to ask for your help if I may. This pertains to digest subscribers ONLY, so folks subscribed in list mode please completely disregard it. The current default format on this list for digest posts is called "MIME," which means you will receive each digest as a single post usually once a day with each individual post for that day appearing as an attachment. This is the one exception to what you may have heard about no attachments on RW lists, but these are quite safe to open. To read or reply to one of the attached posts, you simply double-click it to open it, after which you can reply to it if you choose to. Generally, replying to it will require little or no editing or trimming as was needed with previous digests here. I have recently become aware that reportedly A FEW service providers do not receive this type of digests very well, although the large majority of them do. If you are not able to double-click on an attachment and read it properly, then it is possible that your service provider may be one of the very few unable to receive and deliver them correctly. If so, please drop me a line OFF LIST AT MY ADMIN ADDRESS BELOW, and I will return your subscription to what is called "plain text" format as before. Likewise, if you are able to use these digests without difficulty but simply prefer the plain text format used before, then drop me a line OFF LIST using the same address below and ask me to return your digest to "plain text" format. As another option you may want to try list mode, and receive your list posts immediately as they come in rather than wait for your digest up to 24 hours later. If you are having no difficulty reading or using the current digests this way, then there is no need to reply or let me know. I try very hard to reply to all correspondence from subscribers, but sometimes replying to everyone is simply not always feasible. David E. Cann [email protected] Admin of the New England Seafarers mailing list on RootsWeb List information: ARERS

    05/27/2014 04:50:36