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    1. [NE Seafarers] "Junius Brutus" in the American Revolution
    2. Dorothy V. Malcolm
    3. Hi all, Does anyone have information on the Junius Brutus out of Salem, MA during the Am. Revolution? I know at one point with was used by privateers and even a few of the men on board who claimed a "booty." But I don't know who the owner/captain of that vessel was, OR which British boats/ships they seized, and whatever became of the Junius Brutus. Wonder if it was captured by the British or if it capsized following a skirmish at sea. So many questions! But I'm curious as my original forebear (Edward Dalton) was a privateer on it and I'd love to learn more about that vessel. Any and all information is greatly appreciated! Dorothy

    02/16/2013 03:49:49