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    1. Re: [NE Seafarers] "Junius Brutus" in the American Revolution
    2. Maggy Wilcox
    3. Try the Peabody Essex Library in Salem, MA. Website: You can check its on line catalog, Philcat. /[Revolutionary War Collection, 1770-1856, 1901-1911, 1932, 1961, undated/ ] may have material which you are looking for. Good luck, Maggy On 2/16/2013 7:49 AM, Dorothy V. Malcolm wrote: > > > Hi all, > > > Does anyone have information on the Junius Brutus out of Salem, MA during the Am. Revolution? I know at one point with was used by privateers and even a few of the men on board who claimed a "booty." But I don't know who the owner/captain of that vessel was, OR which British boats/ships they seized, and whatever became of the Junius Brutus. Wonder if it was captured by the British or if it capsized following a skirmish at sea. So many questions! But I'm curious as my original forebear (Edward Dalton) was a privateer on it and I'd love to learn more about that vessel. > > > Any and all information is greatly appreciated! > > > Dorothy > ------------------------------- >

    02/16/2013 03:28:08
    1. [NE Seafarers] Nellie M. Slade
    2. I am looking for information on the Nellie M. Slade, built in East Boston, including good photographs of her or photographs of paintings made of her, and information on people associated with her. She was named after my great grandmother, Ellen M. Slade, and ownership includes Ellen's father-in-law William Jennings Slade and several other members of the Slade family. She sunk in the Dry Tortugas and had several other brushes with near disaster, such as being struck by a waterspout off Bermuda and getting damaged in the Portland Gale off Martha's Vineyard. Records I can find on-line show she was a fairly fast boat for a barkentine and regularly visited Australia and New Zealand. Family stories indicate she also visited China. At least two artists painted the Nellie M. Slade. I am certain that William Stubbs painted her and his painting sold in recent years at a gallery in Boston. Its asking price was beyond my reach. I had hoped to be able to get a photo of the painting but the gallery did not provide such. Another painting by an unknown artist was at one time owned by my grandfather but was lost. I do own an actual photo of the Nellie M. Slade at the dock in East Boston, but with the sails down, it is no where near as dramatic as the painting. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Sue

    02/16/2013 09:05:40