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    1. [NE Railroads] Train Service to Montreal
    2. Betty
    3. Hello, I have 2 sets of genealogy-pen-pals in Canada because of the ancestors who arrived in Canada first. For several years some of them have wanted me to come up that way for a visit. One lady lives in the Canadian side of Niagara and the other lady said, if I could get up to Montreal by train, she would meet me there. I just went to find out about trains from New England that head up to Montreal and found this site: Here is an article from 2003 and the proposal to reestablish that train service, and it comes from the 2nd site mentioned: Betty (near Lowell, MA) (I just spotted a documentary on "North America's Steam Railways" on Ch. 2 Boston. One of the public-television's - need for help - documentaries.)

    06/05/2010 07:59:39