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    1. Re: [NE Railroads] Train Service to Montreal
    2. bob gillis
    3. On 6/5/2010 1:59 PM, Betty wrote: > Hello, > > I have 2 sets of genealogy-pen-pals in Canada because of the ancestors who > arrived in Canada first. For several years some of them have wanted me to > come up that way for a visit. One lady lives in the Canadian side of > Niagara and the other lady said, if I could get up to Montreal by train, she > would meet me there. I just went to find out about trains from New > England that head up to Montreal and found this site: If she lives in southern Ontario, Montreal is a long distance away: You can get from Boston to Montreal but how are you getting from Montreal to the Niagara Peninsula? Niagara Falls to Montreal is 670 Kilometers, about 415 miles You can get from New York City and Albany-Rensselaer to Montreal. If you are welling to take a bus from Boston to Albany and there is one stops at the AMTRAK station in Rensselaer you can do it in one day. Dep A-r 11:05 Am Arri Montreal 7:10 PM. I think it would be better to go from Boston to Niagara Falls ON. Again you would have to take a bus from Boston to Albany-Renselleaer; Train leaves A-R at 10:03 AM and arrives in NF,ON at 4;40 PM. Check out I do not think there has been direct passenger service between Boston and Montreal for at least 30 years. bob gillis

    06/05/2010 09:59:04