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    1. [NE Railroads] First Train to Arrive in Provincetown, MA
    2. Ms Betty Fredericks
    3. Hello,   In this morning's  MassMoments e-mail,  there is a story about the first train to arrive in Provinctown, MA: 1873, the first train arrived at the tip of Cape Cod. The streets were bedecked with flags and streamers as 13 bright yellow coach cars, filled to capacity, pulled into Provincetown. The Cape's traditional economy was in decline. Residents were counting on the railroad to bring better times. Summer visitors from Boston could now spend five hours on a comfortable train, instead of risking a choppy ride by steamer or enduring a two-day stagecoach trip. And they could stay in the large hotels that were built in towns all over the Cape. The heyday of the Cape as a railroad resort came to an end when cars became the preferred mode of transportation. In 1959 regular passenger service to Cape Cod ended.   If you read that paragraph closely, there are interesting things:     ".... Summer visitors from Boston ....   could now ride on a train ... instead of risking a choppy ride by steamer,  or  enduring a 2-day, stagecoach trip. .."     Meaning mid-1800's !   Then it's interesting to note that . cars and trucks.. became more convenient to get to "the Cape,"  so during 1950's  train, passenger service ended !   Hmmmm ....     How many wish that you could still get on a passenger train and travel to all the towns on Cape Cod ?   Betty                (near Lowell, MA)     (on Lists and Boards for 10 yrs.;   now an Admin for 9 Lists and 4 Boards)     P.S.     Dave,  I would be willing to take over as Admin for this List.   The e-mail address I use for being an Admin is:

    07/21/2012 09:45:13