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    1. [NE Railroads] FW: Introduction - New Admin
    2. Dittmar, Frederick M.
    3. ________________________________ Greetings, I have been given the given the administration position for the New-England-Railroad mail list by David who has done a wonderful job for the past three years. There were 28 subscribers in 2009 and today there are 45 subscribers. In going through the archives I am happy to see the many active members posting great information and several names I know. I also have the MAPLYMOU, the MA-PLYMOUTH-CORDAGE-HS and the MA-GHOSTTOWNS mail lists. As an administrator I have only two rules - Help each other and Play well together in the sand box. I'm originally from Plymouth and remember the Big Steamers as a kid and the turn table as Plymouth was the end of the line. Today it's Kingston or the Cordage and the 'Bud Liners' go in both directions. I think the glamour is gone with these. To stand next to a Big Steamer is an experience I'll never forget. Feeling it vibrate and breath, listening to it huff, puff and hiss, looking up at the immense size and watching the drive wheels spin as it starts up and moves. I remember walking part of the rails picking up coal chunks for the stoves at my grandmothers. Kids today just don't know. If I can be of service to anyone at anytime please feel free to write me off line. Let's stay on Topic: "A mailing list for anyone with a genealogical or historical interest in the railroads of New England and/or the people associated with them." Does anyone have any history on the Plymouth - Middlebrough spur? I think it shut down before the 1940s. With regards, Fred Frederick M. Dittmar Diggin' Deep Genealogy Research Service PO Box 2601 Norman, Oklahoma 73070 Member -Oklahoma Genealogical Society -<> Board Member - OKOLHA -<> List Administrator for 45 mail lists. Down from 93 5 State-Ghost Towns / 11 Oklahoma- / 10/3 Family Surnames / 4 Miscellaneous / Canadian - 12 Province & Territories Ghost Towns lists. "Don't let life be a bunch of Thursdays strung together" Kevin Costner from Rumor Has It. 2005

    07/22/2012 04:04:48