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    1. [NE Railroads] First Train to Arrive in Provincetown, MA
    2. Ray Sears
    3. Hi Betty- Boy I sure wish I could ride the trains. My grandfather used to ride the train down summers every Friday evening from South Station or Weymouth to the station in Yarmouth, Cape Cod in the 30s and 40s. My grandmother and Dad stayed in the summer house on Main St in East Dennis so they must have driven over to pick up Grandpa. I can imagine the scene Friday evening with the NY NH & H engine pulling in and the throngs of people getting off the train in Yarmouth with lots of others waiting to take them to their vacation spots. I have a post card from my Dad on the Cape to father in Weymouth where he writes, "Daddy, when you come this weekend can we get a dog?" Whenever I drive by that station in YarmouthPort I think of that weekly reunion (you know the spot on Willow St and Cross St by Railroad Ave in YarmouthPort where you bump over the old tracks -the track divides to go to either Hyannis or P-town?),+yarmouthport,+ma&hl=en&ll=41.698361 ,-70.258142&spn=0.001085,0.002165&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=35.821085,67.3 24219&hnear=Willow+St,+Yarmouth,+Barnstable,+Massachusetts&t=h&z=19 After MIT, Grandpa worked as a surveyor for the Boston & Albany RR in 1917-1918, then built narrow gauge railroads in the US Army in France in 1919, and then worked as a Civil Engineer for the New York, New Haven and Hartford 1919-1931 . There is a story I wrote about Grandpa, Dad and me at 757&ChapterId=1845 Leslie's Resume: [after leaving MIT in 1914 when my father died] June 1914-May 1916 - Went into Partnership in a grocery store. Left to take up a position as a temporary rodman with Harbor & Land Commission, Commonwealth of Mass. May 1916- Dec 1916 - Temporary rodman @ $65.00 per month with Harbor & Land Commission January 1917 - July 7, 1918 - Boston & Albany R.R. Salary $11.00 - $36.75 per week. Worked as a chainman, rodman & transitman on proposed railroad construction of new freight yards, extra tracks along existing main trunk lines and the making of span diagram surveys of bridges for the purpose of additional strength. July 1919 - Sept. 1919 - Boston & Albany R.R. Instrumentman Inspection of trestles & bridges from Albany to Boston @ $36.75 per week. Sept. 1919 - Jan 1921 - N.Y.N.H. & H. RR. Transitman @ $40.00 - $43.00 per wk..   Was transitman on the development of the South Bay coach yard. When work on the yard was completed was laid off because of lack of work. Jan. 1924 - July 1931 - N.Y.N.H. & H. R.R. Acting resident engineer @ $46.00 per wk. Was resident engineer on $500,000 project consisting of building an addition to an Engine House, a new machine shop, a power house [Springfield,Mass.], an ox-welding plant, track layouts, of all kinds, such as simple, spiral, compound curves and switches & frogs, engine inspection, pits underground, Grantry cranes, slip tracks, overhead mono rails and about 50 other mechanical improvements around the yard and in the shops to facilitate the repairing of R.R. locomotives and R.R. cars Left to take a Jr. civil engineer rating with the Commonwealth (Metropolitan District Commission, Boston) because our allotments for new work were running out and I wanted steady work. July 1931 - Mar 1947 $2600.00 ======================================================= Hmmmm ....     How many wish that you could still get on a passenger train and travel to all the towns on Cape Cod ?   Betty                (near Lowell, MA)    

    07/22/2012 02:31:00