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    1. [NE Railroads] Train Crashes and list of Victims
    2. Ms Betty Fredericks
    3. Hello, Someone on a NH List / Board  has just asked about a .train crash.  that happened in NH.    I think it was 1951,  but I'll go check the posting.     She was asking whether there is a web site - or several -  which offer information on .train crashes.  in New England.     Does anyone know of any? I have to get away from my computer for a while this morning,  but I'll post about the query later in the day. I suppose .train crashes.  or  .train accidents.  could have been caused by many things,  and might have involved "pedestrian injuries" where the train caused the injury,  but it had not necessarily crashed. There was a young lady on a news program this week which a young woman talking about her accident.    It took her a while to be able to talk about it -  mainly because she lost both of her legs - right up to the hips.     I didn't catch the whole interview,  but it seemed she was late getting to the train,  ran fast to catch it,  and ..slipped ! And, we lived right beside a train station for a few years,  and from our 3rd-floor window we could see the station and some of the tracks.    Maybe around 1995,  a young couple was walking the tracks to get up to the station.    I think it was a Sunday afternoon.     I don't know if I remember the correct details,  but I think the lady's shoe got stuck in the tracks, and her boyfriend tried to free her.   But, the train was coming.   She wasn't run over,  but she was knocked off the RR bridge she was on -  landing head-first onto the road below.    I believe that killed her. I think it was on TV within the past month about the story about 2 teen-age girls who were walking on tracks on a bridge.    They decided to take a nap, and fell asleep.   On came a train, and at least one of them lost a leg. There are probably many stories and news reports about how people are killed by a train -  one way or another.    Has there ever been a book written on the subject? Betty                  (near Lowell, MA) (on Lists and Boards for 10 yrs.;   now an Admin for 9 Lists and 3 Boards, including the List for  CAN-USA-Migration, and New-England-Memories, and a new Board for New-England-Research)

    01/28/2012 11:17:02