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    1. [NE Railroads] Hopkinton, NH
    2. Betty
    3. Hello, Someone on another List just asked about the Town of Hopkinton, NH. When I looked up the town to see which county it is in, I noticed something interesting. Incorporated in 1765, the Town of Hopkinton was once the state capital and a popular stop on the passenger rail line between Boston and Montreal. And, this page reminds me of the historic "covered bridge." A substantial portion of the town in the north was named "Contoocook Village" for a tribe of the Pennacook Indians who once lived there. Due to its position along the Contoocook River, it became a center for water-powered industry, particularly lumber and textiles. The Contoocook covered railroad bridge in the village is a remnant of the Boston & Maine Railroad and is the oldest covered bridge of its kind still standing in the United States.,_New_Hampshire We used to visit Hopkinton on a regular basis for a few years, but haven't been there in at least a year. Contoocook Village is a nice place to - while away an afternoon. I seem to remember they fixed up the covered bridge a year or 2 ago, or the train station which sits beside it. Betty (near Lowell, MA)

    07/08/2010 02:17:39