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    1. Re: [N-E-MEM] NEW-ENGLAND-MEMORIES Digest, Vol 5, Issue 35
    2. Linda Mock
    3. Hi Listers, Well, Cranberries have to be a staple of my life from now on, as a chemo patient/survivor, you have kiddey and bladder issues often, doc said Cranberries daily rest of my life...3 oz daily. lots of water. The Ocean Spray guys are a hoot, related or not... that i knew of. We here on the West Coast have to travel to Oregon or Wash, states to see the harvests in November. Veggies on the table, we from our garden daily, until frost took the fruits away. I personaly love the squash family, such a variety of flavors from one family, My parents always had the traditional "Turkey dinner, with potatoes, candied Yams w/mallows and honey(baked)peas and often aspargus/peas and green beans w/bacon. Will be spending today indoors, to be 94-98 here today, so must be outside to water the veggies this morning, Cukes are a bumper crop this year, fruit here may be at a premium this year, it was a hit and miss type of pollonization, to many extra cold days in the spring..don't think my Peaches are going to ripen this year, hardly have any size to them. Have a great day friends. ~hum.Linda~

    07/31/2012 08:26:31