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    1. [N-E-MEM] How is everyone? Any October or November memories ?
    2. Ms Betty Fredericks via
    3. Hello, It seems like we haven't had any good discussions, or offering of memories, for most of this year ! I don't have time today to think of memories of mine - need to babysit in an hour -- but I wanted to mention that we "lost" one of the long-time researchers a few weeks ago. Mrs. Priscilla "Pat" Haines passed ! She was a very nice lady who I first started e-mailing with because we both had a connection to our childhoods in Winchester and Arlington, MA. I just checked my Membership List and she is still subscribed. So, I think her daughters have not, yet, gotten around to checking that. .. I've been on the Lists and Boards for 14 yrs., and I can think of 3 or 4 of long-time researchers who have .passed. during this time. One lady had a fatal heart-attack - well before her time. One lady in Canada was a caregiver for her ill husband, and then she got ill. One was a very active researcher who also spent a lot of time "transcribing books" so they could be put on-line. A few yrs. ago she moved out west to live with her daughter. I haven't heard from her, and someone told me she might have passed, also. .. Anyways, in regard to Winchester and Arlington, MA, I've been thinking about the "HUTCHINSON Farm" in Winchester for a few days. And, I think I'm getting closer to the mystery of --- why I can't find a picture of the original farmhouse which might have stood from ~1750 until it burned down in 1883. It turns out I was looking for a house that existed at 21 Ridge St. in like 1870. That's where the front door of the replacement house was. I was reminded that the house from 1870 might have had the front door on what is now Hutchinson Road. But, it wasn't that name in 1870. It was Fruit St. (part of Oak St. coming up from Arlington). So, during October I'm going to write to Winchester Town Hall and ask about a "nice farmhouse" which had the possible address of .1. Fruit St. (Reminder that I lived in the replacement farmhouse from Age 2 to 9, and visited it until my "Grandma Kidder" passed in 1958. So, I have memories of the entire house and the entire property. And, we have a few pictures of what was going on at the intersection of Ridge St. and Hutchinson Rd. in the 1900-1940's timeframe. But, I can't find .anyone. who has the pictures from the 1850-1880 timeframe.) Enjoy your AUTUMN !! Betty (near Lowell, MA) List Administrator

    09/22/2014 02:51:36