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    1. [N-E-MEM] Losing a genealogist, etc. (or, defending your spouse)
    2. Ms Betty Fredericks
    3. Hello,   While reading through my many Digests this morning, I read of 2, unfortunate stories.     An important member of the   KERR / CARR genealogy (DNA) project just passed.    (Another researcher found out accidentally.)   And, a List Admin for a List in Ireland just passed.     That reminds me that  "genealogists don't last forever."     I remember 5-7 yrs. ago when I accidentally found out that a popular List Admin in MA had passed unexpectedly.    "Bunny" had run several Lists and helped many people for years, but a "fatal heart attack" stopped all that.   There are way too many ways for a person of any age -  to end up in a hospital's ER.        And, if we think about our ancestors,  when did  "Emergency Rooms" first get invented?       On a lighter note,  there was a local, news story on TV this morning.     A senior-couple was sitting in their living room in Lowell last night - watching TV - when a young man, high on drugs, broke into their home.    He asked to use their bathroom, and then started tearing it apart.    But, when he went back into the living room, and started hitting the husband,  the wife got mad !!     She jumped on his back, put him in a head lock, and twisted his arm.    That gave the husband enough time to call 911.     When interviewed, the wife said,  "No one ... hits my husband !" :o)   Now, we are a senior couple,  but my husband did "martial arts" from Age 20 to 50.    Even though he hasn't done it for 20 yrs., his training - remains with him.    So, he could probably defend himself.    And defend me.    I asked him just now if he thought I could do what that wife did.   He said, Sure - you have strong arms.     But, I said,  I don't know how to put someone in a head lock !    :o)   Betty              (near Lowell, MA)   List Administrator     (just adopted 2 more Boards,  one for  MOURA,  and one for  Washington Co., Maine)

    08/14/2012 10:36:05