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    1. Re: [N-E-MEM] NEW-ENGLAND-MEMORIES Digest, Vol 6, Issue 3
    2. Linda Mock
    3. Hi Listers, Hope that all have a happy Paddy Day and that we start a new year with our Easter memories, How about getting a big, humgus stuffed bunny for my 8th easter, and was told that day that the follow day we move into our new home, that my Father has built for us, And thus began my dairy milking years and truly being a "farm Kid" ...kept that up untill I was was graduatued from nursing school, milk cows 2 x a day and all the related farm chores that went with dairying and at 71m think it was yesterday for sure...oops my slip is showing! ~hum.Linda~

    03/17/2013 09:42:50