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    1. [N-E-MEM] Spam on Lists
    2. Ms Betty Fredericks
    3. Hello,   How is everyone?    Has everyone remained healthy this winter?    Or, at least dealing well with whatever health problems you found out about?   I wanted to mention that for at least a month there's been a lot of .spam. coming in on the Lists.     It is usually coming in from someone who is not aware that their e-mailed address has been .targeted. or .used.      The subject line is usually the clue that you don't want to open that e-mail.   Sometimes it's a strange set of words, or sometimes it's the sender's name.     I've not heard that the URL in the text area is dangerous or scary,  but it is very recommended that you .not. click on it.   The RootsWeb office is aware of the problem, and they are trying to track down the e-mail addresses which have been attacked.     Please pass this info along.   Two holidays are this month.   St. Patrick's Day is coming up this weekend,  and for some religions, Easter Sunday is early this month,  March 31.   Does anyone want to mention a .memory?      What my parents always did when I was growing up is that we always got dressed up for Easter Sunday,  new dress, hat, shoes, purse, etc.    This would have been the 1950's/1960's mostly.    And a family photo would be taken.    So, me and my 5 younger siblings have pictures of us every Easter for many years.   That's all I'll say for today.      I've been at the computer all morning, working on 2 projects,  and I can't .sit.  anymore.   Betty                 (near Lowell, MA)   List Administrator   (on Lists and Boards for 11 yrs.;  now an Admin for 10 Lists and 5 Boards)     (I think I mentioned before that last summer I had several, unexpected health problems.   During the fall they were all, mostly, taken care of.    But, because of all the stormy weather in MA, my Osteoarthritis has given me a lot of trouble.    Mostly legs, hips, knees.    I'm very much hoping that we won't have too many storms this spring.)

    03/15/2013 02:35:31