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    1. [N-E-MEM] Aug. 1920 - when all States ALLOWED Women to VOTE
    2. Ms Betty Fredericks
    3. Hi everyone,   When my parents were being born,  their mothers were just then being allowed to vote !      And, when their mothers were marrying in 1916 and 1911,  they were not allowed to vote.      But, they were of the age to have a husband go off to fight in World War I.     And, a few years later, their children would have been old enough to go off and fight in World War II.   Votes for women were first seriously proposed in the United States in July, 1848, at the Seneca Falls Woman's Rights Convention organized by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott. One woman who attended that convention was Charlotte Woodward. She was nineteen at the time. In 1920, when women finally won the vote throughout the nation, Charlotte Woodward was the only participant in the 1848 Convention who was still alive to be able to vote, though she was apparently too ill to actually cast a ballot.'s_suffrage   That web page reminded me that that was not the same as women being allowed to "run for office."     Oh, this says we got both .rights. in 1920.   Margaret Chase SMITH was the first woman from to go to Congress from Maine.     Betty           (near Lowell, MA)   List Administrator   FYI:   Well, the last few months have been a little stressful.     My Osteoarthritis started being worse.    But, I had two "female problems" to deal with.     The doctors were concerned about my Mammogram, and "one" doctor wanted me to follow up.    Two "day surgeries" later and I find out I am now "all clear."    But, being diagnosed with "pre-cancer" means they'll be checking me much more often.     And, the other female-problem turned out to be - just a minor problem - but also something to be checked out more often.    ...    Since I also might now have Psoriatic Arthritis,  I need to learn how to deal with that.     I just wish I could .sit.  at my computer for more than an hour at a time !     But, the doctors all say you're supposed to limit your "sitting" anyways.   October was "Breast Cancer Awareness" month,  and I hope all women get their Mammograms and then ask for a 2nd opinion -  family history or not.    I had .no. family history of it.

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