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    1. [N-E-IRISH] O'Connell-Horan
    2. Pat Connors
    3. Hi Blaine, > ... the birthplace in Ireland of my gggrandfather, John O'Connell of > Andover Massachusetts. John was born in Ireland in 1825, the son of > Jeremiah and Bridget O'Connell. He emigrated to Lawrence Massachusetts > ca. 1846 and shortly thereafter to Andover Massachusetts where he > married Mary Horan (b. Buttevant Co. Cork) in 1850. Have you searched the Griffith's Valuation and the Tithe Applotments land records?  While these two records do not give much family information, the do give a place where they lived and once you know that, you can find the needed church records.  You, like myself, have a common Irish surname which makes it harder. The Griffith's Valuation were done 1848-1864, in case you have not checked them: You will need to look for John's father since John was in US at that time. The Tithe Applotments were earlier and are also online for free use on the Archives of Ireland website. These are like the Griffiths  in that they only list the head of household name and were done 1824-1856 Once you get a some possibilities, I can give you the online address for the church records.  Most are online and free to look at. -- Pat Connors

    11/19/2019 03:35:43