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    3. First of all, thank you to Pat for the reminder that I haven't put out an inquiry in a long time. I've been at this for longer than I wish to admit and I try this inquiry every year or so with great hope. I'm still facing a brick wall on finding the birthplace in Ireland of my gggrandfather, John O'Connell of Andover Massachusetts. John was born in Ireland in 1825, the son of Jeremiah and Bridget O'Connell. He emigrated to Lawrence Massachusetts ca. 1846 and shortly thereafter to Andover Massachusetts where he married Mary Horan (b. Buttevant Co. Cork) in 1850. John, a wheelwright, died in Andover in 1896. I have located all the normal church, vital, naturalization, etc. records, in the U.S. for John and Mary's family but I've found nothing on John's actual birthplace. He was on the 1888 voter rolls in Andover MA but I've found nothing for him in the naturalization records. He didn't serve in the Civil War. He did own a wheelright business in Andover but I've found no records associated with it. Any help or ideas would be appreciated. Reply to Blaine O'Connell Please reply to

    11/17/2019 09:04:27