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    1. [NCWARREN] RIchard Henderson
    2. Delores In looking at Leonard Henleys lands his and Archer Henleys' land are on what was the border of James City Co and Goochland. THe are both taxed in 1782 in James City Co. We hav The name Richard Henderson in about 52 files This RIchard henderson Sticks out as Gideon Johnon is the Kinsman of William Allen of Grassey Creek. The Cotton family is also the Allied familes of Gideon Johnson and William Allin Surname Fileds ( I Think is Families of Tuckahoe Creek off Thomas JEfferson to Willliam Randolph) The Carters, Roberson Cunningham and Oliver are part of WHite Oak Group DNA Researchers, The Color coding does not come thru on these posts Petition from inhabitants of Guilford County concerning the location of the county public buildings Rollston, Richard; Et Al. 1773 Volume 09, Pages 806-809 To His Excellency Josiah Martin Esquire, Captain General, Governor and Commander in Chief in and over the Province of North Carolina, To the Honourable his Majesties Council and to the Speaker and Members of the House of Assembly now met The Petition of the Inhabitants of Guilford County Humbly Sheweth That whereas some persons Inhabitants of this County through lucrative views have made it their Business to raise Disquiet and uneasiness in the minds of the people who live in the enterior parts of the County relative to the fixing the Court house Prison and Stocks for said County by industriously forwarding a Petition to the General Assembly for appointing other Commissioners to establish the same Agreeable to their Schemes and lucrative Views And Whereas the Commissioners Appointed by the late Act of Assembly for establishing the above mentioned County have already laid out a place for erecting the Publick Bulidings which we are satisfied of to be the most Convenient and Centrical Place to the Inhabitants of this County particularly for good Water and plenty -------------------- page 807 -------------------- of Timber for Carrying on the buildings. We would therefore humbly beg that you would reject every Petition to the Contrary & that no alteration be made relative to the Said Buildings as it will be attended with Great Inconvenience (as well as the expence of paying two setts of Commissioners) to the Inhabitants of the said County, And we as in duty will ever pray &c &c Robert Rollston Robt Rollston Henery Cook Jos Cook Thos Blear Thos Hogan Thos Allen Robt Brasher Assa Brasher Nathl Harris Alexr McClarin Darby Calleyhan Zebolin Davis Richd Vanlandingham Forlin Dobbs Wm Dickson Rubn Dickson Reuben Grady William Crump Thomas Gray William Hopper James Cotton Robert Fisk John Fisk Naam Michel Francis Cook John Glen Richard Davison William Bostick Charles Galloway John Walker Joel Walkor Gidion Johnson Ozinben Headpath Nathaniel Fields Jr Jonas Frost Reubin Shoar James Harrison John Nitson Sr Robert Nitson John Nitson Junr Exlander Nitson Frances Young Saml Young Joseph Cunningham Michael Troulenger James Hays Isaac Sanmon John Willots David Pursall John Pursall Richard Henderson Charles Mitchell Zachariah Roberson Nath. Watson James Sanders Charles Philups James Philups William Dickson Reuben Dickson Fortus Dobbs Mathew Scoot Isaac Wheaton Andrew Scoot James Preston Thomas Connor Wm Campbell Saml Fulton James Lay Moses Short John Niel Saml Short James McBride William Steal John Steal James Steal Thomas Statt Richard Sharpe John Sharpe George Oliver James Varnan William Lewes John Simmond John Wotton David Wotton William Wotton David Fulton Joseph Buffinton Thomas Willson Saml Buchanan William Buchanan Saml Morrow Nath. Fields Timothy Murfey Wm Boyd Giles Carter Benjaman Carter John Parish John Thomas Gehu Fanning John Hill William Hill

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