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    1. [NCWARREN] Transylvania Company and Nutbush Creek
    2. 1774 Richard Henderson of Granville County in association with Nathaniel Hart, Thomas Hart, John Williams, William Johnson, and John Lutterell, on 27 Aug. 1774 organized the Louisa Company for the purpose of purchasing from the Cherokee Nation a large territory lying on the west side of the mountains on the Mississippi River. In the autumn of 1774, Nathaniel Hart, the chief negotiator, along with Richard Henderson, president of the company, visited the territory and met with the chiefs of the various tribes in the Cherokee country to discuss their interest in buying the land west of the Cumberland Mountains. Nathaniel Hart, Jr., wrote that his father returned to his home with six or eight of the principal men of the Cherokee Nation, who remained with him until the latter part of the year and assisted in the selection of a large supply of goods to be used in exchange for the land. By 1775 the enterprise had outgrown the Articles of Agreement of the Louisa Company. After a reorganization, a new company, called the Transylvania Company, was formed and Daniel Boone was hired to explore the territory. Soon Nathaniel Hart and Richard Henderson brought vast quantities of goods from Cross Creek (now Fayetteville) to Sycamore on the Watauga River near what is now Elizabethton, Tenn. The Watauga meeting, arranged by Hart, lasted twenty days and was attended by 500 to 1,000 Cherokee Indians along with their chiefs. The Transylvania Company was represented by Hart and his brother Thomas, Henderson, and John Williams. Negotiations broke down and the Indians left, but it is said that Nathaniel Hart overtook them the next day, persuaded them to return, and an agreement was reached. On 17 Mar. 1775, the conveyance or treaty was signed, by which the Transylvania Company acquired all of the territory from the Kentucky to the Cumberland rivers. Title to the land was taken in the name of Richard Henderson, Nathaniel Hart, and the other seven proprietors of the company as tenants in common. Leo. Hen. Bulloch, Lenoard Henley Bullock part of Transyvlania Company also first known as the Louisa Company According to an article in the [UL:William & Mary Quarterly:UL], (Vol. 5, P 38, Vol. 3, p. 65) Leonard Henley was granted 300 acres on Oct. 26, 1694, in James City Co.,, 175 acres of which as the heir to his father, Reynolds Henly. His children included Martha, Major Richardson, Leonard Henley, Margaret Henley, Cornelius Henley Turner Henley, Mary Elizabeth Henley, William Henley, Rebecca Henley, Samuel Henley?, Henrietta Henley, and Ann Henley, who m. Richard Bullock. This family is also mentioned in [UL:Tennessee Cousins:UL] by Worth Ray. From [UL:Vital Records of Burned Counties:UL] by Fisher, Leonard Henley 's will was written Sept. 10, 1759, proved Oct.19, 1761 in Blissland Parish, New Kent Co. He was listed as a member of the vestry that year.[woodward.FTW] 1744 March 15: Leonard Henley: Goochland Co: 30 acres on the Branches of Tuckahoe Creek: Land Office Patents @ 22 1743-1745 vol 1 & 2: pg 220 on reel 20: Library of Virginia Archives section. Notes: 1745 Sept 20: Leonard Henley: Goochland Co: 400 acres on both sides and near the head of a branch of the Bird Creek Called Phils Creek: LandOffice Patents # 22, 1743-1745 vol 1 & 2 pg 509 on reel 20 Library of Virginia archives Section. Notes: 1745 Sept 20 Leonard Henley: Henrico Co Va: 130 acres beg. At John Martins Corner on the County line, thence & c crossing Drinking hole Run: Land Office Patents # 22, 1743-1745 vol 1 & 2 pg 544 on reel 20: Library of Virginia Archives Section. 1781 Dec 20: [p183] Court The last Will and Testament of John Jude deceased was presented in court by George Jude, Benjamin Jude, Leonard Henley, and Samuel Hyde Saunders Executors therein named & proved by the oaths of James Johnson and James Taylor two of the witnesses thereto. Benjamin Hughes, Anthony Martin and Charles Woodson junior, securities. Bond in the penalty of ten thousand pounds specie Powhatan County, Virginia Misc. Abstracts from Order Book 1 (1777-1784)

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