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    2. Deloris Williams
    3. Tony, Thank you for the notes and things, they are probably helpful to some who are doing research on these families. However, there were a lot of Richard Hendersons around in the 1700's, and I pretty much know what I need to identify Richard, b. 1735, the son of Samuel Henderson, both of whom were living in Granville Co.,NC. That was the famous Richard Henderson of Transylvania Company fame, who had bought land from the Cherokees in what was probably an intention to establish a new separate government since this was during the beginnings of the Revolutionary War; the land he and the Company had purchased was eventually taken away by the government and he was given 200,000 acres from which the State of Kentucky was formed. Richard then started selling off that land to settlers, and he travelled a great deal in his ventures, a part of which was as commissioner to extend the line between NC and VA into Powell's Valley, but he died in 1785, however, and any documents written after that time were those of one of the others with the same name. He did have a son by that name, as well as several cousins, and the name was prevalent in the HENDERSON family, making them easily confused with one another if one hasn't done much research on them. The controversy, however, is the mistaken research that some have done in identifying his father, Samuel, as the son of Richard Henderson, who died in Goochland, because I've seen lots of trees out there with that erroneous info. As I said previously, Samuel Henderson, d. 1783 Granville, was a fully grown married man with several children, including a son named Richard, (born in 1735), at the time of the 1748 death of Richard Henderson of Goochland, whose sons were minors. That Richard Henderson of Goochland, did have a son named Samuel, and he probably was in Granville at some time, but he was not of legal age at that time where he was living with his uncle, Nathaniel Henderson. That is my point. Deloris -------------------------------------------------- From: <[email protected]> Sent: Tuesday, February 12, 2013 12:25 AM To: <[email protected]> Subject: [NCWARREN] Richard Henderson > Delores > > This is a Key one for my Research as Richard Cocke is one of My kinsman > > Notes: Hawkins Co. first Settlers: Samuel Hawkins: William COCKE 1780 an > Attorney in Mulberry Grove: Joseph McMinn 1787 North end of Hawkins Co.: > William Johnston married Mary Evans Mar or May 25 1789 1st recorded > marriage, Mordecai Haygood settled 1783 above Rogersville with PETER > COCKE and Rodham Kenner: Richard Henderson, Thomas Hart, Nathaniel Hart, > John Williams, John Lutrell, William Johnston, James Hogg, David Hart, > Thomas Bullock, James KING 1786 School Master, Robert Hohnston ( ? > Johnston)

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