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    1. [NCWARREN] Nutbush Creek and Transylvania Company
    2. In 1763 we find John Searcy Jr, Reuben Searcy, Nathaniel Henderson, Arnolds Line and Beaver Dam Run 1763 Jan 19: Deed Book F; Page 175 John Searcy, Jr., and Annis his wife, to Reuben Searcy for 120 pds., 404 acres on Beaver Dam Run, Arnold's line, and a tract of 45 acres on Nut Bush Creek at Reuben Searcy's line. Witness: Nathaniel Henderson. 30 August 1766. WILLIAM TABB & DIANNA, his wife, of Bute Co., to GEORGE KERR, Merchant, of Surrye Co., Va. 100 Pds. Va. money for 546 A. in Bute Co. on BS Little Shocco Creek , adj. PERRY, NELLUMS, UNDERWOOD, HILL, JONES, WHATLEY & GIBBS. Wit: WILL JOHNSON, JAMES RANSOM, JR., WILLIAM PARK. Ack: by WILLIAM TABB, Bute January Court 1767, DIANNA having relinquished right of dower before NATHANIEL HENDERSON, Esq., BEN McCULLOCH, C.C. Reg: 18 May 1767, by WILLIAM JOHNSON, P.R. Thursday after the last Tuesday in October 1767 Thursday the Court mett According to Adjournment. Present Osborne Jeffreys, William Johnson, Philemon Hawkins, Nathaniel Henderson, Esq'rs. Order'd, that the Petition for a Road to be Open'd from out of the Road that Leads from the Court house to Mr. Callers Beginning Near about where Mr. William Neal keeps school Running the best & most convenient way by William Houses crossing fishing Creek near the said Houses running into the Road near William Birds new Road & that the following Jurors /to wit/ Charles Allen, John Jackson, Charles Burk, Peter Kimball, Jonathan Johnston, Jordin Harris, William Moore, Joseph Hackney, William Green, Benjamin Kimball, John Perdue Sen'r, William House, English Richard Moore, John Bell be appointed to lay out the s'd road the best & most convenient way & according to Law, & That the following hands /to wit/ Peter Greens, William Houses Gent. & James Moore do open & maintain the said Road under William House Gent. Overseer &c. WILLIAM JOHNSON, Guardian to WILLIAM JOHNSON, Orphan of SUGAN JOHNSON, dec'd. Bond, dated 9 February 1768, to Justices now sitting: PHILEMON HAWKINS, NATHANIEL HENDERSON, WILLIAM PERSON, & JOHN HAWKINS, Esqrs. Wit: The Court. Securities: WILLIAM DUKE, PHILIP BURFORD, JOHN CHRISTMAS. Rcd. Feb. Ct. 1768. WILLIAM JOHNSON appointed Guardian of JAMES JOHNSON, Orphan of SUGAN JOHNSON, dec'd. Bond, dated 9 Feb. 1768 (same date as appointment) to Justices: PHILEMON HAWKINS, NATHL. HENDERSON, WILLIAM PERSON, & JOHN HAWKINS, Esqrs. Securities: WILLIAM DUKE, PHILIP BURFORD, JOHN CHRISTMAS. Wit: The Court. Recorded February Court 1768. JOHN JOHNSON, Guardian to SAMUEL DAVIS, JAMES DAVIS, & JOSHUA DAVIS, Orphans of JOSHUA DAVIS, dec'd. Bond, dated 9 Feb. 1768, to Justices now sitting: WILLIAM JOHNSON, JAMES RANSOM, BENJAMIN PERSON, NATHANIEL HENDERSON, WILLIAM PERSON, & THOMAS TURNER, Esqrs., and witnessed by them. Securities: JOHN MOSELEY, ISAAC ACRES. Recorded February court 1768. 13-Oct-1784 Book: H, Page: 486, Grantor: William Henderson and Mary his wife, Grantee: Zachariah Pulliam, Date: William Henderson and Mary his wife of St. Martin's Parish of Hanover to Zachariah Pulliam of same for £136 16s current money for tract in St. Martins Parish Louisa County on Tarapin Swamp being part of tract whereon William Henderson and Mary now live adjoining MATTHEW SIMS, John MICHIE containing 121 acres. Wit. Nathaniel Henderson, Christopher Henderson, Joseph GOODMAN. Rec. 14 Feb 1785 Researchers Notes: This is the Simms families of Nutbush Creek and those by Hudson Johnson on Big Creek, Carters Valley Father: Leonard HENLEY b: in James City Co., VA Mother: Elizabeth RICHARDSON b: 12 AUG 1713 in St. Peters Parish, New Kent Co., Virginia Elizabeth RICHARDSON Marriage 1 Richard HENDERSON Jr b: 23 JUN 1696 in New Kent Co., VA 1 Children James HENDERSON Mary HENDERSON George HENDERSON b: 1714 in Montgomery Co., VA ( My Notes Montgomery Formed?) Nathaniel HENDERSON Henrietta HENDERSON Samuel HENDERSON b: 1726 in Goochland Co., VA 392575 Jesse Benton,and

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