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    1. [NCWARREN] Allin familes and The Isham Randolph travel Patterns
    2. Charlie the Main Body Of Allens in Granville Co. NC/ Bute CO? Warren Co now known as Vance Co come from two Locations Take a Look at the Known travel Pattern of the Kendrick and the Robinson and the Patrick familes of Granville Co NC; This is the Dr. Robert Williamson familes married to Joanne Allen: These lines come off Col. Arthur Allen and wife Alice Tucker of bacons Cstle ( Better known as bacon's Revolt in Va) This is my Allen to Williamson to Mayo to Matlock familes of Byrd Creek a waterway connected to Tuckahoe Creek, where Michael Johnson died in 1718 and the President Thomas Jefferson a Known Randolph family is at. William Randolph his grand father bought lands on Tuckahoe Creek when it was opened up for Settlement Now the Second Group of Allin's is those of William Allin of Grassey Creek, these Allins come straight off The Hunt, Minge,Edlow Familes of Weynoake Parish which was first known to the COlonists as Tappahanna Lands: Then this name tappahanna lands was changed to Weynoake Parish, these lands included The Powel Brooke Plantation, the Wards Creek Plantation, Martins Brandon Plantation the Smyth Plantation, Jordans Bush Plantation of Samuel Jordan, and a few others I have the list in Johnson and ALlied families Tappahanna Lands. These Allens are the family of Gideon Johnson married to Ursula Allen daughter of WIlliam Allen of Grassey Creek. They will move to the Dan River. These famile off Gideon Johnson will befound in Williamson Co Tn and in Humphreys Co. Tn ( researcher Mary Hollands families of Hiram Johnson of Blue Creek, where the cotton familes of Gideon Johnson are involved in its first settlement) Now Gideon Johnson's and Ursula Allens allied families will be involved in the Duck River settlement of what is now in Humphreys Co. Tn. ( See Cotton families)> Gideon Johnson of the Dan RIver is on both side of the Va and NC broder<( Lands first in Surry Co NC to Guilford CO NC thes land IN NC they end up in Rockingham Co NC) Gideon Johnson and Ursual Allens neighbor is the Stoval families who the Town of Stoval is named for on The ? River is the border of Granville Co NC. Stovals first came to Granville Co NC. The Stoval families and Hairstons are an allied family of William hatcher the Immigrant of Swift Creek whose bordering land neighbors are Christopher Robinson ( Christopher Robinson will/ administration invovled Joseph ROyal of NEck of Land aka Ferrars Island) Christopher Robinson is the fore fahter of General James randolph Robertson. These Robinson family travel pattern takes us right back to Rice Hoe and Alice Cox, married name Alice Edlow, and Alice Boyce ( minge-Hunt-Allin familes of Grassey Creek) Alice Boyce familes are neighbors of Rice Hoe a Known Welshman who imported Edwar Robsinson son of Christohoer Robinons a Lan owner at neck of Land and Swift Creek: ( Neck of Land is home of John Dods and his wife whose first award for lands was Tappahana lands which changed to Weynoake Paris) so thecirlce continues. The WIlliam The Hatcher Immigrant families of Ben hatcher are involved at Turkey Island with the known familes there. Ben Hatcher and Benjamin Hatcer witnessed the will of John Watson father of Sarah Watson who married Michael Johnson who died 1718 on TUckahoe Creek Joseph Royal takes us right back to Alice Cox, known as Alice Boyce and ALice Eldow whose families brought joseph Royal a tailor to the Colonies. Joseph Royal settled by John Dods at neck of Land. Then a break down in the Wards Creek Johnson and allied familes. And this invovled the La Zouche familes who are involved with John Ward Sea Captian. Here is a Known Travel Pattern of the Simms familes, before and after they came to Nutbush Creek. You will find some very ineresting clues in here. As the Simms families can be traced back to the First La Zouche Familes of England. The Adam Simms and wife ? Isham families are the Cousins of William Randolph and Mary Isham and his descendants, one reported being General James Randolph Robertson whose father was John Robinson of Brunswick Co Va. who sold lands on Nutbush Creek to one John Johnson: John Johnson lands on Nutbush Creek a connecting waterway of Grassey Creek were sold by Terisha Johnson, John Johnson and Stephen Johnson of Chatham Co NC. Now Len Henley johnson is a descendant of Terisha Johnston-Johnson married the ? Kendrick and he left Nutbush Creek to Red River and then came to Hurricane Creek of Humphreys Co. Tn. Thies Kendrick familes moved with Genral James randolph Robertson familes to Oglehtorpe Co. Ga. Where we find the John Mays families of the Isham-Simms families: The familes of Shropshires ( Who are married to Mary Johnston daughter of Agnes and Hudson Johnson) This Kendrick family of Granville NC is connected to my Dr. Robert Williamson Lines married to Joane Allen. This Family is also connected to the Families of John Robinson father of General James Radnolph Robertson: These Kendrick and Robinson families will also be married to a Patrick Family in Granville Co NC. My Branch of these familes the Mayo-Matlocks will migrate to lands in Humphreys Co Tn before it was formed in 1813. Byrd Creek is where we find the families of Rev. Thomas Murrell of Big Creek now hawkins Co Tn and then on To Williamson CO tn where hsi two brothers are at, then on To Dickson Co TN. Wehre he died. Now the Murrells settled on Oldmans Creekabt 1698 ( See Johnson and llied familes of Oldmans Creek) My familes of Dr. Robert Williamson and wife Joane Allen will migrate to Burham Creek, where one Rowland Burham is at married to an Eltonhead. This Elton head sister (or Aunt) is the families of John Carter and Alice Skipworth, this is the fore fathers of John Carter who Carters Valley is named for in Present day Hawkins Co Tn. Carter Valley is where I find Hudson Johnson and wife Agness at Big Creek Primitive Baptist Church. See johnson and allied familes of Big Creek ( Dodson-Sevier-Isham-Goode or Goade) John Carter is involved in the transylvania Purchase as is Daniel Boone and General James Randolph Robertson Both are Cousin Lines coming off the La Zouche familes of the Simms families of big Creek Washington Co NC and the Nutbush Creek families of Granville Co. NC (George Simms is First found in 1748 Brunswick Co Deeds) John Carter is also a La Zouche connection thru his Skipworth familes. And this all connect to the Norman families of La Zouche-Isham Familes to Randolph to Simms LaZouche to debohun Families of daniel boone La Zouche to De Ferrars Families ( William De Ferrar who married Ceciley Reynolds widow of Samuel Jordan of jordans Bush and land ownere at Ferrars Island better known as Neck of land) General James Randolph Robertson will leave Big Creek, Washington CO NC now Hawkins Co Tn after his involvement with the Transylvania Company and be involved with Col. John Donelson in the Washugula Settlement. General James Randolph Robertson and his brothers will be involved in then settling the Harpeth River in what is now part Dickson Co Tn. The harpeth River deeds are first found in Wahsington CO NC then in Williamson Co Tn and its break away Counties. Confused Yet LOL Tony

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