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    1. [NCWARREN] Missing 1840 Warren County Census pages
    2. Deloris Williams
    3. For anyone who has done research in the Warren County Census, I wonder if there were some years you couldn't locate an ancestor who you thought should be living in the County in 1840, yet, you couldn't find them? I was recently contacted by someone doing research in the Washington County, North Carolina Census, who came across the fact that some of the 1840 Warren County Census is included in the microfilmed records for Washington County. They were transcribing the 1840 Washington County Census from microfilm when the error was found. The Warren County pages 19-25 (not the image numbers, but the actual page numbers), which are clearly marked "Warren County" on the sides of the pages, but for some reason, they were microfilmed with the Washington County pages. The mistake seems to have occurred sometime before they were microfilmed and some Census websites may have caught the error and while others may not have. I took a look at the images on, and they are not with the Warren County Census, but they do come up in the Washington County pages. In Heritage Quest, which has 1840 through their Browse only listings, the pages 19-25 are included with the Warren County images, with these particular pages being the first images in the 1840 Warren County collection. Ancestry may have included the pages in their Warren County Collection at some point, too, because in the past, I have found Warren County ancestors included on those pages with no problem, but probably since they have overhauled their website recently, they seem to have removed any fixes they may have previously done to their copies of the 1840 Census. Some of the names included on the missing Warren County pages are these from Page 19: Allen Green, James Johnson, Samuel T. Alston, John B. Powell, Mary T. Newell, Thomas Edwards, Henry Southall, John P. Colvard, Guilford Shaw, Allen Tucker, William M. Powell, Edward King, Furney Southall, Merit Pitman, William Hardy, Dixon Conn, William Haithcock, Lunsford Baker, James P. Powell, Henry I. Macon, Lucius Lancaster, Henry Macklin, John Pierceon, Thomas Hardy, Salumith Burt, Mark H. Shearin, John S. Hoskins, Ransom Aycock, Jessee Marshall, James Southall, Benjamin Powell. If there are names you may be missing from 1840, you may want to try searching again, looking through the Washington County Census. Regards, Deloris Williams Warren County List Administrator --- This email is free from viruses and malware because avast! Antivirus protection is active.

    03/15/2014 08:11:45