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    1. [NCROCKHA] Troublesome Creek Familes Now YOu Neighbors
    2. If My Post comes thru on the Travel Pattern of THe LANIER familes to TROUBLESOME CREEK, you will find that the Laniers families are the Edward GRINDON familes of Tapphanna Lands his familes will be the Bird Familes who will develope GRINDONS lands as the William Byrd familes ( same Byrds involved in EDEN LANDS) Edward Grindon is the 2nd group of settlers at this land called Tappahanna in first Deed awards to Virginian settlers The Wall and Lemmons family is in the 4th Group of Settlers in this area THey appear after the INdian Massacare. 1622-1623. THey are Lands owners beside the BYRD FAMILES, Tony

    06/15/2014 03:29:30