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    1. [NCDAVIE] Black-James Familes
    2. Charles Mallette
    3. Hi Rick, I can be of partial assistance. Yes, one of my partners in James Research from 30 years ago, was, indeed, a descendent of Dan Black and Eunice Jame. He was a practicing MD in Madison County, IN, but he is no longer with us. He was an excellent researcher. You are correct in that branch of the Black family had changed their name from Schwarz. That does not seem to be widely known today. "Daniel (Dan) Black married Eunice James on September 7, 1823, in Davie County. In 1829 the Black family moved to Rush County, IN; about 1839 they moved on Madison County, IN, where they live near James James, Eunice's father. The Blacks became very prominent in the history of Madison County in the mid-1800's. Dan Black's farm straddled the Boone-Monroe Townships line. Dan developed the first addition in the town of Orestes. Dan and James James were the first trustees of the Primitive Baptist Church in Boone Township. Dan Black died in 1870 in Madison County, Iowa while visiting relatives. Eunice died November 14, 1875, in Madison County, Indiana, and she is buried in Lilly Creek Cemetery." Needless to say, I have considerable data on the children, but this probably will not be of interest to you. Needless to say, the long paragraph about is directly from the Black descendent. I also have a note that Dan was born in Davie County, NC in 1800. His father was George Black, but I have nothing about his mother. I have in my notes that Dan died in 1872 in Winterset, Madison County, Iowa. There, I have, two different dates as to his death! The IAMADISON-L is a very active List, and several people are working on the cemetery inventories. They may be able to help you. About Dan's visiting relatives in Iowa when he died. There was major migration of James' and associated in-laws to Iowa in 1854, so Dan really did have relatives there. The trek to Iowa took place in about 1854 by covered wagon and reportedly took 57 days. There, did I tell you more than you really wanted to know? Outside of Dan's descendents, I know nothing further about the Blacks. Good hunting, Best regards, Chuck Mallette Houston

    02/18/2002 03:34:41