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    1. [NA-CHIPPEWA] Barnier/Trudell
    2. B. Ellis Williams
    3. Hello, all. I am attempting to search out the specifics of my Ojibwe heritage. My great grandfather had the surname of Barnier; his mother's maiden name was Trudell; and her mother had the unusual name of "Samarch Dimaure." All were centered around southern Ontario (Windsor/Pelee Island) and northern Michigan (I'm not positive about counties or cities there). On the 1901 Canadian Census, head of household Joseph Barnier (b. 1852) claims "French" as his heritage, but his wife, Rosaleo Barnier (Trudell), claims nothing, as do the children. This leads me to suspect that the Native blood was from her side, and they were interested in simply letting it go unclaimed, if not attempting to outright conceal it. My great grandfather and his brothers look very Indian based on old pictures I've seen, and oral tradition in the family states that they were at least half Ojibwe. My great grandfather also changed his name early in his life for unknown reasons, and lied to U.S. government authorities about his time and place of birth. I was planning to start contacting some tribes in the region to see if any names popped up on old rosters, but I'm not certain if that is the best approach or not. Particularly if the Native blood in the family was, at that point in time, something that was concealed, it seems doubtful that any of them would have volunteered to be listed on any tribal rosters, but I honestly do not know how that process works (or worked in their particular time and place). Any clues or advice about how best to proceed from here would be very much appreciated. Thank you all in advance. Best wishes, B. Ellis Williams

    01/04/2011 12:13:33