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    1. Re: [MSSMITH] Temple - Temples In Smith County
    2. George Stuart
    3. Tom, I have not had any contact with Doris in a while. She lived in Columbia, MS at one time. If I can find her I will put you in contact. Her main interest was the Gray side. Annie Gray was my wife's Grandmother. Her parents were James M. "Jim" Gray and Isabel Dreweth "Betty" Temples. Isabel's parents were William T. Temples and Annis C. Reeves. I do not have anything on a Lydia Cauley. George Stuart, [email protected] 4/29/2011 ----- Receiving the following content ----- From: Tjtemple Receiver: mssmith Time: 2011-04-28, 11:15:53 Subject: [MSSMITH] Temple - Temples In Smith County Attn: Mr George Stuart Looking back thru ole messages I found where you answered with Information on the Anna Catherine Grays and William Temples family You mentioned a DORIS JORDON who had done a lot of research on Gray's and Temple Would you Please check her again and see if she has anything on the WILLIAM TEMPLES AND LYDIA CAULEY MARRIAGE ? They were the parents of William Temples you mentioned. Any help will be appreciated Tom Temple

    04/29/2011 04:27:16