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    1. [MSLOWNDE] Lists are Alive and Register
    2. W David Samuelsen
    3. If you are seeing this message, you are still subscribed, but you must go to this page and read instructions for subscribing to confirm your subscription. Do not worry about admin portion. BUT (the emphasis!) if you are going to post starting now, you will need to go to this page in order to subscribe along with new password. Just once, if you haven't already done so by other reminders in other lists. You can NOT use Ancestry user and password. This is reason the Lists were shut down for security reason. You must create your own new password. It is due to the upgrade to the Mailman. Once in, your subscription is activated for all the lists you have been subscribed to before the shut down. You will see list of mailing lists you have been subscribed before. Then the second part is required if you want to see your copy of post back: In order to receive back your copy you have to go to your account , sign in (if not already done so) On right side of your email address, click arrow select "Mailman settings" You will see list of mailing lists you are already listed as subscriber Above the list, select "Global Mailman preferences" This is where you must do "Receive own postings" Click Yes Save David, list-admin

    04/17/2018 08:43:42