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    1. [MSLINCOL] Roots Web no longer supporting mailing list in March 2020
    2. Susan Penn Groover
    3. For those that have not heard the news ... Rootsweb will no longer be supporting mailing lists in March 2020.  It will remain read only, so archives will be accessible.  In my mind, I question how long. Please keep in mind that each mailing list archives is the property of RootsWeb and will not be able to moved, removed, etc. Only the mailing list members list will be accessible by the admin for that list. I am looking for alternatives which I have started listing below. Alternatives: Ancestry -- as I understand, this alternative is platform based. Meaning one would have to long into to post a message as opposed to simply sending an e-mail. -- would keep mailing, but to get full function a fee would be required. Google Groups -- I have not researched this option.  Personally, I have issues with Google and will not pursue this option as admin. I suppose the major decision is whether to remain an e-mail based Group or platform based? My personal prerequisite is that it is FREE. Discussion in open... Susan Groover, List Admin. -- --- Genealogy: Where you confuse the dead and irritate the living.

    01/08/2020 07:51:58