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    2. Nancy
    3. Hi everyone, I've added several pages to my genealogy site that may be of interest to some of you. I'm sending individual links because I haven't had a chance to add these pages to the index yet. Nancy Scotland Post Office, Jefferson County, Mississippi, 1849 - 1856 (Includes a list of the historic post offices of Jefferson County, MS) The Last Inn on the Natchez Trace - Mount Locust (Includes map of stands, 1814): Views of Natchez and the Mississippi River, 1782 - 1940: The Old Methodist Church, Washington, MS: Added a dozen pics to: Ghosts Along the River: The Old Port of Rodney, MS: Echoes of the Past: Old Turpentine Stills of Louisiana & Mississippi: The Hand Hewn A. L. Riddle House On the Old Natchez Trace: Cowles Meade House, Washington, MS: The Wilderness Trail: North Carolina Map of Early Ethnic Settlement: Added two pics to: Assembly Hall - meeting place for the legislative board of the Mississippi Territory: Added links to Newspaper Research page: Nancy

    01/18/2009 09:34:21