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    3. copied ----- Original Message ----- From: "Dale 59" <> Sent: Sunday, July 16, 2006 8:24 AM Subject: PML Search Result matching "Ship Island" or "Dau* Island" ===================================================================== A result of your requested PML search. To refine or cancel this search, please visit Source: Subject: Joseph Brooks (1831-1899) Eng to ME to RI, Eurania Brooks (1838-1897) ME to RI Ok...a while ago I sent out an inquiry about two of my Brooks relatives, Joseph Brooks (1831-1899) and his wife Eurania H. Brooks (1838-1897). Brooks is Eurania's maiden name as well as her married name. Since those previous inquiries, I have gotten the following information to share on JOSEPH BROOKS: Joseph Brooks was born on 29 March 1831 to George Brooks and Alice Isherwood. There is evidence that Joseph was born in Bury, Lancashire, England. This is based on British Census records and the IGI. The 1851 British Census shows Joseph living at home with his parents and siblings, working a power loom in a mill. In 1854, on the ship "Chapin", there is a Joseph Brooks (age 21) who is a dyer. He comes from England and arrives in Boston on May19th. This may or may not be him of course, but there are similarities making it worth noting. According to Civil War Pension records, Joseph and Eurania (who is sometimes shown as Urania, Urana, Lurania, etc) were married 23 Feb 1856, a year later then stated in the IGI, which has them marrying the same date in 1855. In 1860, Joseph and Lauraanna Brooks, ages 27 and 26, appear in the Census for Saco, York, ME, p.66. Their daughter Clara E. is less than a year old. Joseph is an operator in a mill. Clara is my connection to this branch of the Brooks. Joseph Brooks was a civil war veteran, having served with the 13th Regimental Infantry Volunteers of Maine, as well as the 30th Regimental Infantry Volunteers from December of 1861 until August of 1865. while in service he served at Ship Island near Louisiana, as well as along the banks of the Mississippi at Fort XXX and in campaigns into Texas and parts of Louisiana. He also served defending Washington, and with Sherman's army mainly as guards. In 1870 Joseph, Eurania and Clara lived in Taunton, Bristol County, MA. He was working in a cotton mill. A bible given to Joseph Brooks by the captain of the ship Columbia, Capt McKay, indicates that he traveled on the ship in 1879. Assumedly he may have gone to England to visit relatives. By 1880, Joseph and Lurana Brooks are in the 1880 Rhode Island US census. Joseph is a machinist and the census lists a daughter Leslie, age 5 born in Massachusetts. They appear on page 121C. Prior to his death he petitioned the US for a Civil War pension of Disability of which he was awarded a monthly sum of $6 due to "salt rheum and sores of the legs" suffered during the war. He was briefly hospitalized at winchester VA in 1865 for treatment of these conditions, staying htere from the 4th of April until the 25th of April 1865. In the 1890s he petitioned for full disability claiming a continuing case of diarrhea due to the war. It appears to have been denied. Pension disability records describes Joseph as being 5'6" tall, of light complexion, with dark eyes and dark hair. One document, witnessed by his son-in-law, James F Moore, indicates that met in approximately 1877. He died at age 68y, 5m, and 15d in Providence, RI, in 1899 at 66 Pocasset Ave. At the time he died he was widowed. He died of chronic bronchitis, valve disease of the heart and uraemia. He worked as a machinist. His death record confirms his parents names. According to the 1883, 1884, 1885, 1890, 1891 and 1892 Providence City Directories, they lived at 10 Gardner St., Providence, RI. I am still looking for any other connections to either Joseph or Eurania. Eurania was the daughter of Benjamin Brooks and his wife Mary (maiden name unknown). Both Benjamin (abt 1804-?) and Mary (abt 1810-?) were born in Maine. They had 4 children: Reuben (abt 1831), Eurania H. (abt 1838), Alonzo T. (abt 1839), and Mary (abt 1841). In 1860, Benjamin and Mary Brooks, ages 55 and 50, live with their son Alonzo, daughter Mary, and a child Sarah A. They are farmers. In 1870, Benjamin and his wife Mary, ages 66 and 58, appear in the Norridgewook, Somerset, ME census on page 86. Both were born in ME, he working as a farmer and she keeping house. They live next door to their son, Alonzo Brooks, and his family. So, I am hoping some of this information may be helpful in finding other Brooks connections, especially to Eurania's side of the Brooks tree. Thanks ! Dale

    07/16/2006 03:41:30