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    1. [MS-HARRISON-SHIP-ISLAND] April 24, Enos Goslow, Ship Island
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    3. COPIED ----- Original Message ----- From: <> Source: Subject: VTDATA] 1862--Civil War Deaths Source, The Rutland Daily Herald--Mon. Nov. 10, 1862. DEATHS IN CO. I, 7th VERMONT Capt. Charles Clark, of Company I (Poultney), 7th Vermont Volunteers, writing to a friend from New Orleans, under date of October 15th, 1862, gives the following list of the deaths in his company, together with the date, place and cause of death. This list we publish for the information of the friends of the deceased Soldiers, as well as a matter of general interest to our readers : April 1, Frank Price, at sea, stabbed himself. April 24, Enos Goslow, Ship Island, heart disease. June 24, Capt. Charles C. Ruggles, Carrolton, sun-stroke. July 27, Henry Jubur, Baton Rouge, fever July 29, Corporal James M. Johnson, Baton Rouge, fever. July 31, George Mead, Baton Rouge, fever. July 31, Everard Crandall, Baton Rouge, fever. Aug. 4, Corp. Daniel S. Huntoon, Baton Rouge, fever. Aug. 5, Elisha A. Hawley, Baton Rouge, fever. Aug. 5, Lewis P. Jones, Baton Rouge, fever. Aug. 5, Chauncey L. Sheldon, Baton Rouge, suddenly, cause not known. Aug. 7, William Norton, Baton Rouge, swamp fever. Aug. 8, Seneca, E. Wheeler, on board steamboat going to New Orleans, swamp fever. Aug. 19, George T. Puffer, hospital in New Orleans, fever. Aug. 24, Charles Larabee, Baton Rouge, of wounds received in the battle at Baton Rouge. Sept. 4, James F. Stoddard, Carrolton, swamp fever. Sept. 8, Perry G. Gibbs, Carrolton, cause of death unknown. Sept. 10, Alanson Draper, Carrolton, cause of death unknown. Sept.17, Albert I. Ried, Carrolton, general disease. Sept. 17, William H. Monroe, Carrolton, fever and other troubles. Sept. 21,Charles Weller,Carrolton, swamp fever. Oct. 3, William Ward, Carrolton, discharged before his death. Oct. 3, Hollis K. Holden, Carrolton, discharged before his death. Oct. 7, Amasa P. Bigelow, Carrolton, swamp fever. Oct. 8, David Draper, Carrolton, cause unknown. Oct. 9, Thomas Davis, Carrolton, suddenly, cause unknown. Oct. 11, Harvey S. Woodward, New Orleans, swamp fever. Oct. 13, George I. Langley, Carrolton, insane at first, and cause of death unknown. Whole number of deaths up to October 13, twenty-seven. The Captain adds: " The company were nearly all sick on our return to Baton Rouge from the expedition to Vicksburgh. Several of my command are now in the hospital who will probably die. The Brandon, Woodstock and Rutland companies have lost nearly as many as Company I, in proportion to the number of men they had at Vicksburgh." Transcribed by, Joan H. Bixby

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