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    1. LIST UPDATE Once Again
    2. Joan Asche
    3. Hello all, Migration of this list to the new list management system was postponed because of delivery problems with AOL that developed after the A-C lists migrated to the new system. Rootsweb has put the D-Z migration on hold until this problem with AOL is resolved. You can read all about here: AOL users can find additional information about this by subscribing to the support group AOLers-RootsWeb Mailing List or simply reading through the list archives. I will no longer pester you with updates because if interested you can use this link for updates or email me privately off the list at Thanks for your patience. Joan List Admin

    08/24/2006 06:20:44
    1. List Update
    2. Joan Asche
    3. Hello all, As you probably already know the mailing lists are being moved to a new list management system. This list is scheduled to be migrated on Thursday, August 24 For anyone interested the schedule and additional information may be found Once this list is moved to the new service it should not present any problems but you should be aware that you may need to adjust your spam filters. Officially from rootsweb: <snip> The "-L" is being dropped from the "official" list name. This means the "from" address your mailing list emails come from will be slightly different- vs. the current You may have to adjust your spam filters or put the new address on your "accept" list to prevent it from being caught in your "junk" folder. <snip> You will be able to send mail with or without the "-L" AOL users have reported some problems with receiving mail in a timely matter and you can find additional information about this by subscribing to the support group AOLers-RootsWeb Mailing List or simply reading through the list archives. ALSO: subscribers who subscribe in both the list and digest modes using the same email address will no longer be able to do so. You may still subscribe to both but you will need to use two email address. You can always use a free Internet account such as hotmail, yahoo or gmail. I have a few gmail invites left for anyone who would like one. Any questions just email me at

    08/21/2006 04:12:09
    1. Genealogy Lookup Forum
    2. Joan L. Asche
    3. FROM: Genealogy Look Up Forum is a web site of volunteers who will do various types of look ups such as, Births, Deaths, Cemetery, Census, and marriage. The site even has it own genealogy chat which is helpful to those wanting to get genealogy advice from a live person. The URL is below to visit this site. ________________ This is an informational email only. Please do not direct comments or questions regarding this website on this list send them to DO NOT cross post this message to any other mailing list without permission of that list's admin. Have a great day! Sincerely, Joan Admin -- --

    12/28/2005 02:09:31
    1. Re: MOUNTAIN-ROOTS-D Digest V05 #3
    2. Wanda F
    3. Hi, Thank you for the card, is this list asleep? Good title. Wanda JESUS LOVES YOU. Go to the BIBLE--John 3:16 Tells all about HIM

    12/24/2005 12:08:30
    1. PLEASE READ: From the Admin
    2. Joan L. Asche
    3. Hi To All List Members, Joan Asche, List Admin stopped by my site, and created a Virtual Card just for you! To pick up your card, simply point your browser at the page listed below. The card will remain on the server for about one month, so please print it out or save it as soon as you can. Cards By Maggie Happy Holidays, Joan Admin Please visit my Christmas Greetings site: --

    12/23/2005 01:21:05
    1. Please Read: From the Admin
    2. Joan L. Asche
    3. Hello all, With the December holiday season here I would like to open the list to a discussion of traditions and recipes that you may have that were passed down to you from your ancestors. ***Please post to a new email and please change the subject line before posting. Yes, this is multi-cultural request that concerns all holidays that fall in the month of December. Happy Holidays, Joan List Admin -- Please Visit the Season's Greetings Site: Christmas Day Countdown

    12/06/2005 02:00:38
    1. Please Read
    2. Joan L. Asche
    3. Hello all, Just a quick note to let you know that I am the new admin of this mailing list. At this time I would like to invite you to let us know what your interest is in this subject. Sincerely, Joan L. Asche List Admin Mailing List Guidelines: Guidelines are not an admonishment to any one person, but a list of helps to make the mailing list experience pleasant.

    08/03/2005 09:13:28
    1. Re: [MTN-ROOTS] Lamberts,Spencers,Harpers,and McCoys
    2. Rick and Susan
    3. Hi Mickey, Devil Anse(William Anderson) Hatfield was married to Nancy Vance. I don't know if that will help you? I am in Floyd County, Va & know a William Anderson Vance & keep forgetting to ask him if there is a connection? Floyd is only about 90 minutes from where the feud took place. Susan ----- Original Message ----- From: Mickey To: Sent: Wednesday, September 15, 2004 12:43 PM Subject: [MTN-ROOTS] Lamberts,Spencers,Harpers,and McCoys Hi List, I am Mickey Lambert,descended from Lamberts of Wythe Co. Va. and Harpers from Logan Co. WVa. I also have Spencers I am not too sure about,and am McCoy by marriage,Hatfield by blood. I am told there is a conncetion to them through the Vances,but I have not found it yet. I hope to hear some good rootsy stuff. Thanks. --------------------------------- Do you Yahoo!? - Register online to vote today! ============================== Gain access to over two billion names including the new Immigration Collection with an free trial. Click to learn more.

    09/15/2004 07:16:20
    1. Lamberts,Spencers,Harpers,and McCoys
    2. Mickey
    3. Hi List, I am Mickey Lambert,descended from Lamberts of Wythe Co. Va. and Harpers from Logan Co. WVa. I also have Spencers I am not too sure about,and am McCoy by marriage,Hatfield by blood. I am told there is a conncetion to them through the Vances,but I have not found it yet. I hope to hear some good rootsy stuff. Thanks. --------------------------------- Do you Yahoo!? - Register online to vote today!

    09/15/2004 03:43:48
    1. Re: MOUNTAIN-ROOTS-D Digest V04 #3
    2. Testing to see if this list is still active. ________________________________________________________________ The best thing to hit the Internet in years - Juno SpeedBand! Surf the Web up to FIVE TIMES FASTER! Only $14.95/ month - visit to sign up today!

    07/22/2004 06:13:59
    1. [MTN-ROOTS] RE: My roll call names
    2. Rebekah Robbins
    3. Hi everyone Here are my roll call names: Bolser Beard/Baird Bufler/Buffler Canode/Kanode Grau Wallace/Wallis Moore Kinser Tolliver Hughes/Hughs Billings Beatty Scott Kimble/Kimball These are all direct lines in my family. They are located in Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, from 1800-to current date. State counties include OH:Butler, Hamilton, Fairfield, Franklin, Crawford, Warren, Preble, Darke, Gallia, Meigs, Perry; WV: Mason, Cabell, Kanawah; VA: Bedford. Rebekah-northern by birth, southern by heart. _________________________________________________________________ Check out MSN PC Safety & Security to help ensure your PC is protected and safe.

    03/25/2004 02:53:31
    1. [MTN-ROOTS] Roll Call
    2. Katie Taylor
    3. Surames: Cox Gilbreath Horton Millsaps Norris Shinault Puckett Marshall Dodd Stanley (Standley) Taylor Metrick Bowling Ritchie Basham Bailey Thanks, Katie Horton Taylor --------------------------------- Do you Yahoo!? Yahoo! Finance Tax Center - File online. File on time.

    03/24/2004 11:48:58
    1. [MTN-ROOTS] Todd family and allied branches, plus their migrations
    2. My big genealogical quest for the time being is the origins of James H. Todd, who settled on Mossy Creek, Augusta County, Virginia. It's at James where my line disappears into oblivion, leaving several questions: >From whom did James receive his parcel of land in Augusta County? What other families came to the area with him, and through what route? Were the Howards and Prestons one of those families? James's sons, Nathaniel and George, are rumoured to have hunted with the Boones in Kentucky. Are any of the branches of Todds that later show up there connected with this line? James was almost certainly Scots-Irish and Presbyterian. He's noted as being active in the Mossy Creek Presbyterian Church, and one of its founding members. Were there any other family members that made the crossing with James, and is it possible that he came over indentured? See? Lots of questions, precious few answers. What I do know: James arrived in the Mossy Creek area sometime in the late 1780s, probably shortly after the Revolution, which he served in. I haven't narrowed down which unit quite yet, but he was a private in the Continental Troops, and possibly a scout. By June of 1790 he's listed as a taxpayer in the area. James H. Todd died shortly before Christmas, 1799. His wife Jane signed over her rights as executrix of the will in favor of her son, George. Which is truly interesting, considering George is estimated to have been about ten years old at the time. Many of the Todds stayed in the Augusta County area, later spreading out to several counties in what would later become West Virginia. Anyway...there's my big search in the mountains. Anyone else have a story to tell? Melissa Strobel list-admin

    03/24/2004 07:07:14
    2. Wanda F
    3. Hi Willing Roll Callers, The above are my main ones,,, SW VA and outhern WVa. Years mid 1700s til now. Thanks Wanda FOX JOHN 3:16 Because GOD LOVES YOU Read it in the BIBLE

    03/24/2004 04:55:40
    1. Re: [MTN-ROOTS] Re: Roll call!
    2. I have a couple of Blevins and a couple of Andersons, TN & KY area. CMDR. Melissa Collinsworth Chief of Operations I.S.S. Excalibur ICC-1664 Flagship of the Terran Empire --- Outgoing mail is certified Virus Free. Checked by AVG anti-virus system ( Version: 6.0.638 / Virus Database: 409 - Release Date: 3/22/04

    03/23/2004 08:46:14
    1. [MTN-ROOTS] Re: Roll call!
    2. Sheila Anderson-Lewis
    3. There is a new project going on at the SIZEMORE-L list for the descendants of GEORGE ALL SIZEMORE. This would include the the WV/KY SIZEMORE line. I am the list admin for the SIZEMORE list. Please email me if you are interested. We are creating a GEDCOM style project with all the DOCUMENTED descendancies of GEORGE ALL. Sheila Anderson-Lewis ANDERSON, BLEVINS, SIZEMORE, DELP, DALTON, SMITH, JAMES, JOINES, REDPATH, ETC, ETC, ETC SHEILA'S MOUNTAIN GENEALOGY PAGE

    03/23/2004 08:43:54
    1. [MTN-ROOTS] (List-Admin) Time for some chatter, folks. Roll call!
    2. Yes, I know. A lot of people hate them. To minimize the chaos, I'm going to assert the usual rules: 1. This will only be going on for three days, starting today (Tuesday). Roll call will end on Friday, but subsequent posts stemming from them may continue. 2. Start your own thread, preferably with the words ROLL CALL on the topic, plus any topics or surnames you are researching. This helps the other listers sort through messages. 3. Don't like roll calls? Please do not post stating such, and if you really feel it necessary to comment, shoot me a message through the admin address or my own. The archives don't need to record for posterity why people don't like them. 4. If you don't want to exercise your delete key for the next few days, unsubbing until Friday may be a viable option to you. The storm should have passed by then. 5. Please be considerate of the digest listers and only quote necessary details in your replies. This way they can keep up with the topics and not have to slog through repetitive copies of the same text. That said, let's get this ball rolling! I'll be posting my own interests here shortly. Melissa Strobel list-admin

    03/23/2004 08:31:49
    1. [MTN-ROOTS] My news
    2. Dara Lehner
    3. Dear All, We are in the middle of a move to a new home, I have started back to college and my writing career has taken off, so it is with great regret that I must become more of a lurker. Please note the following is my new e-addy. Dara A. Lehner Thanks it has been wonderful, if things slow down maybe I can get back. Happy Holidays to all. Dara

    12/27/2002 08:03:37
    1. [MTN-ROOTS] ETHS Fall Tour to Savannah Canceled
    2. East Tennessee Historical Society
    3. The East Tennessee Historical Society regrets to announce the 2002 Fall Tour to Savannah, Georgia, has been canceled. There are no plans at this time to reschedule the trip. However, we invite you to make plans to join us in Spring 2003 for our first European tour as ETHS takes you on a journey to the ancestral homelands of East Tennessee's Scotch-Irish settlers. Additional information on the tour of Scotland, Ireland, and Northern Ireland, as well as other ETHS programs and activities, can be found on the ETHS web site at We apologize for any inconvenience this schedule change may have caused.

    09/16/2002 09:09:04
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