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    2. Shirley Ferreira
    3. Hi Vala: Do you know if anyone in your immediate family or Billie's has given any thought to the DNA test?  I think maybe I can talk a couple of my brothers into taking the swab test if I contribute some of the fee.  I'm starting to think his may give us some more leads to our Molder/Moulders. Shirley ________________________________ From: Vala <[email protected]> To: Billie <[email protected]> Cc: Shirley Ferreira <[email protected]> Sent: Tue, February 8, 2011 8:56:53 PM Subject: Molder genealogy Hi Billie, Sorry I haven't kept in touch.  I haven't been with it lately. Wm F. Craig interviewed my Mother about her family.  I'm not sure when he interviewed them but I know it was a long time before my Dad died (1978). Bill gave me copies of the Family History Forms he made during that interview.   My Mom didn't know what her Dad's grandparents names were but she did have enough information to indicate that her Grandfather, George Molder had to be the son of Elijah and Rutha Molder. She mentioned George Molder's family Carroll Molder and his wife Nora, Callie, and Isom. She mentioned the names some Carroll Molders children. Jim Molder, Hobe Molder and 2 or 3 daughters.  She mentioned Hobe's Children, a daughter married to a Hawkins, A son that lives in Alma, and a daughter that married a Montgomery.   She was confused about Callie Molder Austin, she thought Callie was Frank's Aunt, instead of his cousin.  She had saved a newspaper photo of Troy Austin (Callie's Son), and wrote on the article that this was her Dad's own Cousin.  I know she mentioned her Dad's Aunt Ellen.  I know she had heard her Dad talk about Aunt Ellen and confused the picture of Callie with Aunt Ellen.  She said that Aunt Ellen and her dad were about a year apart in age.  Actually Frank was born in Oct. 1879 and Callie was born Jan. 1881.  Frank said he was born in Barry County Missouri.  I have searched for the 1880 Census for George Molder and family and James Isom and family.  I can't find either.  I cannot find documentation of a Marriage for George and Katie but I am still looking.     Mother did indicate that George Molders birthplace was Missouri.  He died when Frank Molder was a boy and he was buried somewhere in Missouri.   Concerning the George W. Molder in Texas, according to everything I can find, he was born June 27, 1850 in Arkansas.  Elijah and Rutha were married Aug. 30 1850 in Tennessee.    I ask my oldest sister about her memories of any of the Molders.  She remembered going with Mother and our Molder grandparents (Frank and Corda) to his Uncle Carroll's house to pick muscadines.  They all lived in Crawford County Arkansas at the time. That had to be Elijah Carroll Molder's home.   The pictures I have of my grandfather and a woman that Mother thought was Aunt Ellen must have been Callie Molder Austin. If the age she had written on the picture was correct it had to be taken around 1940.  The picture she thought was Issie Molder was taken around the same time.  I think they got together at E.C. Molder's funeral.  The man probably  either Claborne Valentine Molder or James Isom's son.   I can e-mail you copies of the Family History Data Sheets if you would like.  I don't have any other documentation to prove this but I am going to keep digging.  Maybe it will turn up one of these days.    What do you think?  Give me some feedback.   Vala

    02/11/2011 07:35:40