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    1. [MO-JEFFERSON-CITY] Shepherd Day
    2. Diana Ensign
    3. I am trying to learn information about Shepherd Day. He might be my great-grandfather. I was givin the following informtion about Shepherd. "Town: Horine, Pevely, Hanover Missouri.  He owned 80 acres in Township 40 Range 3 Section 18 E1/2/SE quarter.  This is in 1876 and is 1 mile west of Big River.  Missouri mining owns 555+ acres to the north adjoining so this may be investment property as there are no houses on it. T40 R3 S18 is at the intersecton of Hwy WW and Brown Ford Road. About 6 miles west of DeSota."   I have information about my great-grandfather Eli Shep Day. The ealiest census I have of him is in 1900 - with E Shepherd Day, Mill Spring, Wayne, MO   I could not find Eli in the 1870 or 1880 census.  He was born Feb 16 1875 and died jan 23 1920. He married Barbara Ellen Boyer Day.  I do not have a copy of their marriage, but believe they married sometime between 1880-1882 when their first child was born  Clarence Edward Day, b. 4 Aug 1882, Butler County Missouri.   I was told about the above Shepherd Day in 1876 owning property and he seemed to be a posibility.  If you can be of any help with informaton about him, I'd appreciate the help.  Thank you, Diana from Illinois

    05/15/2012 11:15:32