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    1. [MO-JEFFERSON-CITY] Korn/Corn Family 218 Center St
    2. These folks lived in Jefferson City, Mo. The houses located at 218 center street and also next door were built by my grandfather and great grandfather. Also, at one time my great grandfather was a guard at the prison while my grandfather was either an inmate at the prison or the hospital. The information I'm seeking is on my great, great grandfather and his father. I'm hoping for some help. I'm looking for Obit, death, Marriage records. I have been to LDS in Salt Lake, they were very helpful. I'm not finding it on the Mo. site, which I think is the best state site I've seen. I know a lot of things are misspelled and have checked according to first initials when I can. But I can't find the information I seek. I hope that with one of these records I can track other family. Nancy has been a great help in the past and for that I would like to say again Thank You. I guess what I'm really saying is- I'm not looking for help because I'm lazy, I just can't find it. Let me start that according to census records in 1860 my grandfathers who were spelling their name Korn as Corn both either married/remarried within the year. So, I'm guessing the marriages could have occurred 1859. But again that's on the census. I know from researching people sometimes lied about when or if their were married. But, this means that between 1850 and 1860 something happened to Johann's first wife, Margaret born 1802 and a son, John 1842 because neither one can be found in 1860. My great, great, great, grandfather died April 12, 1879 according to This information it states, comes from the Jefferson City Daily Tribune. The newspaper is not on line. The information I have is . John Nickolas Corn/Korn Born 1785- Germany Died 1879- Jefferson City Mo In 1850, Johann was married to Margaret(1802-????) and spelling his name Corn. I don't know what happened to her or their son John (1842-???). By 1860 Johann is married to Verina and has a new son. Also, from ancestry is a date for my great, great, grandfather death, February 14, 1886. It says that information came from the Jefferson City Post Tribune 7 January 1924 to 31 December 1930. The information I have is. Wolfgang Corn/Korn Born 1825-Germany Died 1886- Jefferson City, Mo Married Rosina Schneider sometime in 1859-1860 Again, any information/ help is appreciated. Thank you Sharon ************************************** Get a sneak peek of the all-new AOL at

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