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    2. Mary Bakeman
    3. lori Scholes wrote: > Margit, thank you. This is very helpful. In fact, as part of my family > research I will purchase the book. Another question, > > Was there/is there an Indian reservation located close to Wirt? > > Thanks again. > -Lori > A township, often abbreviated 'town,' is NOT the same as a village, a 'populated place.' It is unlikely to appear on most modern maps, because most are 6 miles square and not easily described in latitude and longitude or as GPS coordinates. A township can be part of the official land description, and in the case of Wirt, is T[ownship]149N and R[ange] 25W. Property records may be under the description as township names can and do change! And yes, depending on how close is 'close'<G>, there is an Ojibway Indian reservation to the south and west of Wirt township. Mary Bakeman Park Genealogical Books

    01/13/2009 04:56:35