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    1. Freedmen Project--Miller app # 17703-- Hartwell Houston and surnames below
    2. Freedmen Project--Miller app # 17703-- Hartwell Houston, Joynar,Brown,Allison,Thompson,Turtina,Davies, Russian, Joiner PLEASE NOTE ALL RESPONSES TO QUESTION ARE IN CAPS. Below are the questions asked on the Miller Applications I have sent you info on in the Freedmen Project work. I hope to get at least one a week submitted. For those of you who cannot afford these NARA applications, I would advise that after you confirm it is your line, that you send for the packet, for source proof. Remember geneology is nothing without documentation. Page 1) Application #--17703 Action Taken--REJECT Name of applicant-- HARTWELL H. HOUSTON No. of children-- Residence--ROLAND, OKLA. Reason---APPLICANT BORN IN 1834 BUT DOES NOT APPEAR ON EITHER 35 OR 57 ROLL.NOT AN ANCESTOR THROUGH WHOM APPLICANT CLAIMS APPEARS ON ANY ROLL. THE ANCESTERS IT APPEARS WERE NOT PARTIES TO THE MONIES ON 35-36. APPLICANT WAS A SLAVE. MISC.LIST,P,2883 Second Note:OKLA.-FIELD #17703 HARWELL HOUSTON with #-SALLISAW Remarks-- 28725-6,31299 FIELDS, OKLA. UNABLE TO LOCATE ANCESTERS OF APPLICANT ON ROLL WITH ANY DEGREE OF CERTAINTY. ROLAND Page 2) SPECIAL COMMISSIONER of the COURT of CLAIMS,601 Ouray Building, Washington D.C. Sir,I hereby make application for such share as may be due me of the fund appropriated by the ACT of CONGRESS, appoved June 30, 1906, in accordance with the decrees of the COURT of CLAIMS of May 18,1905, and May28, 1906, in favor of the Eastern Cherokees. The evidence of identity is herewith subjoined.Note: Answers to all questions should be short, but complete. If you can not answer, so state. Question # 1)State full name: English name-HARTWELL H. HOUSTON Indian name- #2)Residence--ROLAND, INDIAN TERRITORY #3Town and Post Office--ROLAND, INDIAN TERRITORY #4)County--DISTRICT NUMBER ELEVEN #5)State--INDIAN TERRITORY #6)Date and place of birth?--ASHVILLA,NC-JUNE 23,1834 #7)By what right do you claim to share? If you claim through more then one relative living in 1851,set forth each seperately:JOHN BROWN OF HAMILTON COUNTY, TENNESSEE #8)Are you married?--YES #9)Name and age of wife or husband----NARCISSUS HOUSTON, AGE 63 #10)Give names of your father and mother, and your mothers maiden name before marriage. Father- english name--- Indian name--ALMON JOYNAR Mother- english name--ANNA BROWN MARRIED ALMON JOYNAR Indian name--- Maiden name--ANNA BROWN #11)Where were they born? Father- NORTH CAROLINA Mother--NORTH CAROLINA #12)Where did they reside in 1851, if living at this time? Father--TENNESSEE Mother--TENNESSEE #13)Date of death of your father and mother: Father--JULY 11,1880 Mother--NOV.21,1880 Page 3- #14)Were they ever enrolled for money, annuities, land, or other benifits? If so, state when and were.--I DO NOT KNOW, CANT ASCARTAIN #15)Name all your brothers and sisters, giving ages, and residence if possible. Name:ELLAN ALLISON dob:DON'T KNOW dod;DEC.24,1894 Name:PHILLIP JOYNAR dob:DON'T KNOW dod;DON'T KNOW Name:IASSC THOMPSON dob:DON'T KNOW dod;DON'T KNOW Name:ELIZABETH TURNTINA dob:DON'T KNOW dod;DON'T KNOW Name:WINNIE DAVIS dob:DON'T KNOW dod;DON'T KNOW Name:RUTHIE RUSSIAN dob:DON'T KNOW dod;DON'T KNOW #16)State English name and Indian names of your grandparents on both father's and mother's side, if possible. Fathers side:--BILLY JOYNAR BATTIA JOYNAR Mothers side:--JOHN BROWN WINNIE BROWN #17)Where were they born? Fathers side:-- DON'T KNOW Mother's side;-- DON'T KNOW #18)Where did they reside in 1851, if living at that time?--GRANDPARENTS ON MOTHER'S SIDE RESIDED AT LOOKOUT VALLEY,HAMILTON COUNTY, TENN. #19)Give names of all their children, and residence, if possible: English Name:-- ANNA BROWN, MY MOTHER & JAMIMA BROWN Indian Name:-- Residence:--DIED NOV. 21,1880 English Name:-- JAMIMA BROWN Indian Name:-- Residence:--DIED IN TENNESSEE, ABOUT 1846 English Name:-- ALFRED BROWN Indian Name:-- Residence:--DIED IN TENNESSEE ABOUT 1842--TO1846 English Name:--ABRAHAM, JOYNAR Indian Name:-- Residence:--DONT KNOW ANYTING ABOUT HIS DEATH English Name:--ALMOND JOYNAR Indian Name:-- Residence:--DIED IN BEDFORD COUNTY, TENNESSEE #20)Have you ever been enrolled for money, annuities, land, or other benifits? If so, state when and were,and with what tribe of Indians.---NO Page 4- #21)To expedite identification, claiment should give the full English and Indian names, if possible, of their paternal and maternal ancesters back to 1835.-----DON'T KNOW Remarks- Section) Under this head the applicant may give any additional facts which will assist in providing his claim.---I SAW JOHN BROWN TWICE. BOTH TIMES HE OWNED ME AS BEING HIS GRANDCHILD.MY FATHER OFTEN WENT TO SEE HIM. THE LAST TIME I SAW HIM .HE WAS ON HIS WAY BACK FROM GETTING A PAYMENT IN THE INDIAN TERRITORY AT FT.GIBSON AND HE GAVE MY MOTHER MONEY. ------------------------------------ Legal- Section ) Note:Answers should be brief but explicit;the words "yes", "no","unknown" etc, may be used in cases where applicable. Read the questions carefully. I solemnly swear that the forgoing statements made by me are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Signature---HARTWELL H. HOUSTON Subscribed and sworn to before me this 28TH day,of FEBRUARY, 1917. Notary Public- signature-- W.H. DUUBLAJIES My commission expires: JULY 6, 1908 Affidavit) (The following affidavit must be sworn to by two or more witnesses, who are well acquainted with the applicant.) Personally appeared before me W.H.JACOBS and J.M.WOOD, who being duly sworn, on oath depose and say they are well acquainted with HARTWELL H. HOUSTON who makes the foregoing application and statements, and have known HIM for 15 years and 24 years, respectively, and know HIM to be the identical person WHO represents HIMSELF to be, and that the statements made by HIM are true, to the best of their knowledge and belief, and they have no interest whatever in HIS claim. Witnesses to mark-BLANK Signatures of witnesses--W.H.JACOBS J.M.WOOD Subscribed and sworn to me, before me this 28TH day of FEBUARY,1917. Notary signature---W.H. DUUBLAJIES Notary commission expires---JULY 6TH,1908 NOTE: Affidavits should be made, whenever practicable, before a notary public,or clerk of the court, if sworn to before an Indian agent or disbursing agent of the Indian service, it need not be before a notary, etc.-------------------------------------------------------------------------- BRIGHTSTAR'S PERSONAL NOTE:Pages after that include letters written to the BIA about their claim. Some have additional papers, others do not. ADDITIONAL PAPERS WITH THIS APPLICATION ARE; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Add;Letter--#1 No.17703 Hartwell Houston, being duly sworn,deposes and says; MY NAME IS HARTWELL H. HOUSTON: MY POST-OFFICE IS ROLAND,OKLA.,BOX 32; I WAS BORN IN ASHEVILLE, N.C. IN 1834; I CLAIM RELATIONSHIP TO THE CHEROKEE INDIANS THROUGH MY MOTHER, WHOSE MAIDEN NAME WAS ANNA BROWN; HER NAME AFTER MARRIAGE ANNA JOINER; MY MOTHER WAS UNDER THE GUARDIANSHIP OF BETSY MOSS AND WHEN SHE DIED BETSY MOSS DIED AND WE WENT TO THE GUARDIANSHIP OF HER CHILDREN, AND I WENT TO M.F.NEIL; I WENT TO THE WAR FROM N.F.NEIL; WHEN I CAN FIRSTBMEMEMBER WAS LIVING IN BEDFORD CO.,TENN. I WAS THEN ABOUT FOUR YEARS OLD. I WAS HELD TO SERVICE UNTIL THE WAR BROKE OUT; MY MOTHER WAS A HALF-BLOOD INDIAN; SHE NEVER CAME TO THIS COUNTRY; I AM NOT ON THE FINAL ROLLS OF THE DAWES COMMISSION; JOHN BROWN WAS THE NAME OFMTHE INDIAN WHO WAS MY GRAND-FATHER AND MY GRAND-MOTHER WAS A NEGRO WOMAN. Signed; HARTWELL H. HOUSTON Subscribed and sworn to before me this 17th day of Sept.,1908 at Sallisaw, Okla. Signed-- Guion Miller Special Commissioner of Court of Claims 2883 ---------------------------------------------------------------- Add:Letter #2 MARCH 16TH, 1908 Page #1 ANSWER- I HAVE MADE THE SAME PROOF TO THE COMMISSION AS I HAVE MADE TO YOU BUT THEY FAILED I HAD EX CHIEF JOHN ROSS WHO KNEW ME ALL MY LIFE AND WHO MADE IN HIS AFFIDAVIT THAT BROWN OWNED X WINNIE CHILDREN AS HIS BY BLOOD I CLAIM MY CHEROKEE BY MOTHER MY FATHER BLOOD WAS CROSSED BY CREEK AND CHEROKEE I WAS SO INFORMED THE GUARDIAN OF MOTHER MRS BETSY MOSE HER OLDEST SON WAS A SOLDIER IN WAR OF 1812 & HAVING AN OFFICER BY THE WELL KNOWN SAMUEL HOUSTON HE WANTED MY NAME CALL THAT AND I GIVE THAT NAME WITH MY OTHER NAMES BY SOME MISTAKE BY THE ---i--- THAT ENROLL ME IN THE Page 2- ARMY WHEN I NOTICE HIM CALLING ME CORPL HOUSTON HE TOLD ME THE PAPERS HAD BEEN SENT TO WASHINGTON D.C. MY MOTHER SAID MR HENDERSON ENROLLED THEM BY NUMBER AND SHE WAS ONE OF THE HALF BREEDS I AFFILIATED WITH MY FATHER AS SON I FOUND A COUSIN OF THE CREEK NATION BY THE NAME OF BILLY JOYNER WHICH HE IS NOW DEAD HE TOLD ME ... PARENT,S CAME FROM NORTH CAROLINA AND HIS GRANDPARENTS NAMES THAT I KNOW THAT FATHER GIVE ME & HE CLAIMS ALMON AS HIS UNCE I KNOW NOT ANYTHING ABOUT BROWN,S PARENT,S.BUT THE JOHN BROWN GRAND FATHER WAS ENROLLED ON Page 3 THE 25TH DAY OF SEPT.1835 IN LOOKOUT VALLEY, HAMILTON COUNTY TENN.. I THINK HE DIED THERE, OR AT LEAST I HEARD THAT IN 1858. I SAW GRANDFATHER TWICE ABOUT MY 4 YEARS OLD. WHEN I WAS 17 OR 18 YEARS OF AGE HE HAD WITH HIM 2 SISTERS. SALLIE BROWN, I DONT REMEMBER THE OTHER NAME, I THINK NANCY WAS THE NAME SHE WAS CALLED IS MY REMEMBERANCE AS I WAS HELD UNDER GUARDIAN. I WAS NOT TREATED AS A SLAVE. I WAS TREATED WELL & NO OVERSEER, NO ONE EXCEPT SOLDIER SON WHO TAKEN MOTHER PLACE. MOTHER AND FATHER HAD NO GUARDIAN. MOTHER GUARDIAN WAS A WHITE LADY & SHE TAUGHT HER T..... AND WRITE & SHE TAUGHT ME WHAT SHE COULD UP TO MY 12 YEARS. Page 4 YOU ASK ME TO STATE WHY I HAD NEVER BEEN ON ANY CHEROKEE ROLL BEFORE THE WAR. WAS WITH THE INDIANS NOT VERY OFTEN AND THEN THEY WOULD COME TO SEE ME IS THEY HAD TO KEEP CLOST. THE FIRST DAWES COMMISSION THAT CAME DOWN HERE & GIVE THEM SOME THING NEAR THE SAME EVIDENCE I AM GIVING YOU, ADING EX CHIEF JOHN ROSS, THE WHITE INTER MARRIAGE, IF WE T... HAVE THE NEGRO BLOOD IN US,WOULD AND WILL DO ALL THAT THEY CAN AGAINST ME AND ALL OF THIS LINAGE. THERE IS A WHITE CITIZEN OF THE INDIAN LIVING IN THIS TOWN, TOLD ME IF I TOLDS THE COMMISSION I WAS A DEMOCRAT THEY WOULD HAVE PUT YOU ON THE ROLLS.I TOLD HIM I WOULD BE LEFT OFF. RESPECTIVFULLY YOURS, H.H. HOUSTON ------------------------------------------------------------- Add. Letter # 3 17703 F.S.T. ROLAND OKLA. MARCH 18TH,1908 MY DEAR ELBA C. KELLER, I THINK I HAVE SAID ALL THAT I CAN THINK AT PRESENT,IT HAS BEEN ALONG TIME SINCE THOSE THINGS HAPPEN. I GIVE THIS EVIDENCE TO THE COMMISSION AS NEAR AS I COULD WITHOUT ANY RECORD BUT THE HEART AND HEAD AND THEN THEY WOULD NOT LET MY NAME ON THE ROLLS AS MEMBER OF THIS NATION. BUT W. R. W. C. KEYS WAS ENROLLED ON THE SAME EVIDENCE OF HIS GRANDFATHER. HE'S SO WHITE I DON'T SEE HOW THE COMMISSIONERS CAN SEE ANY INDIAN ON HIM & CAN'T SEE IT ON ME,BUT THE INDIANS OFTEN STRANGERS MEET ME AND ASK ME, IS YOU CHEROKEE OR CHOCTAW. HARTWELL H. HOUSTON ROLAND, OKLA. ------------------------------------------------------------ ROLAND OKLA. JUNE 19TH 1909 Page No.1 HON COMMISSIONER MILLER, YOUR LETTER RECIEVED AND CAREFULLY READ. I CANNOT SEE THAT I CAN MAKE THE CASE ANY BETTER BY MAKING A NEW APPLICATION. THE COMMISSIONER OF INDIAN AFFAIRS SENT ME A CARD NO. 17703, ACCEPTING THE APPLICATION. THEN I RECIEVED A LETTER TO HAVE MY CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN PUT ON THE ROLL. I SENT THIS TO LET THEM. THEN THEY COME TO MY HOME, WE WENT TO FORT SMITH ARK, MADE THEIR APPLICATIONS. MY SON P.H. HOUSTON WAS LIVING AT FOSTERVILLE, BEDFORD CO. TENN. AT THE. I HAD HIS APPLICATION MADE & SENT TO HIM WITH INSTRUCTIONS TO PUT HIS CHILDREN & SEND IT IN BY AUG 31TH 1907. HARTWELL H. HOUSTON ROLAND OKLA. Page No. 2 IF I UNDERSTAND THIS LETTER IF NOT EXCUSE ME PLEASE & LET ME HEAR FROM YOU AGAIN. PRINCE A. HOUSTON MARY F. HOUSTON LOUISA E. HOUSTON THIS IS THE NAMES ALL MY LEGITIMATE CHILDREN LIVING . I THINK THAT LAWSUIT, SO I SEE THAT I COULD EXCEPT OF THE OMITTED OR IMPROPERLY ....... ON THE ROLLS. I DID NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH LOUISA, LET A LAWYER HAVE HER CARD, AND SHE SAID THE LAWYER TOLD HER HE HAD LOST IT. SO I KNEW IF ANY ONE GOT ON THE ROLLS IMPROPERLY BY. I AM NOT IT FAULT & HOPE YOU WON'T PUT ON ME,I DID ALL RIGHT TO HAVE THE PAPERS SEN IN AUG 31, 1907. THEY WOULD THOSE THAT DONE GONE & SHOULD BE DEBARED Bright Star Freedmen Project 2005

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