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    1. [MN-FINLANDERS] I am Finn
    2. Carol Pratt
    3. I am Finn from Northern Minnesota, my Mother was first born Finnish in my family, they were the Jussila/Mattson from Toivola, MN. I would like to hear stories of early Finns from that area and all across northern MN. My wife and I host a Finnish Conversation Group Suomalaiset Ystavat in Donna, TX during the winter months. It is open to all interested in talking, telling or leaning all things Finnish and have fun doing it! Every Sat at 1:00 p.m. at Quiet Village II beginning the Saturday following Finnish Independence Day (December 6). _________________________________________________________________ Ready for Fall shows? Use Bing to find helpful ratings and reviews on digital tv's.'s&form=MSHNCB&publ=WLHMTAG&crea=TEXT_MSHNCB_Vertical_Shopping_DigitalTVs_1x1

    09/16/2009 02:09:21