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    1. [MIRoscommon] Email Returned
    2. Jack & Marianne Dibean
    3. The email that we sent to the website coordinator for Roscommon and Dickinson County is being returned. The mail is being sent to William & Pamela Poyfair. Anyone know the correct email address? Jack & Marianne Dibean - Lansing Michigan Marriage Index Links: GenWeb Archives: ________________________________________________________________ The best thing to hit the internet in years - Juno SpeedBand! Surf the web up to FIVE TIMES FASTER! Only $14.95/ month - visit to sign up today!

    08/08/2003 12:39:31
    3. Dear Listers: Some of you may receive this letter more than once if you are on more than one county List in Michigan. I apologize for any inconvience this may cause you. I believe we all should be made aware of what is beginning to become a problem with our cemeteries through out Michigan. Yesterday, Detroit News Metro/State Section carried a news article about the City of Lansing wanting to reclaim thousand of unused gravesites so that they may resell them to bring money into their government. As the City of Jackson, Michigan has already done this and has netted them three hundred thousand dollars, we as descendants of the families who are buried in Michigan Cemeteries need to stand up as one to put a stop to this unlawful event. Yes, we have many old and historical cemeteries through out Michigan and its many counties, cities, towns, villages but I do not believe that any of these governments have the right to take back what your ancestors paid for with their blood, sweat, and tears. Our ancestors paid for these graves to be used by our families, not to be taken back from the descendants of these people who paid for these graves. Yes, families move and shift around the country and thus we leave unused grave sites but I believe that these unused sites should remain in the families of the people who are buried in these plots that have unused sites. I own plots in three different cemeteries in the State of Michigan and since I hold title to them that has been passed down from my great grandparents, grandparents, and parents does not give the city, town, county, or state the right to confiscate them to resell them at their gain. There is no way that my husband and I will utilize all of these gravesites but since I have the titles to theses plots I intend handing them down to my children to be used after our deaths and burial. In order to keep from having this event occur anywhere in our State, we as the family historians and genealogists need to stand up and voice our opinions and let these governments know that we won't stand for this thievery. We need to contact the Michigan Governor and the Senators and the House Representatives, the county executives, city mayors to let them know that we are going to protect our ancestoral burial sites from them. So what I am asking is for help here. With each one of us contacting the cemeteries in which your loved ones were laid to rest find out if there are unused spaces and find out how to go about getting the titles to these plots so that the government cannot take them and then resell them at inflated prices back to the public. Yes, the City of Lansing states they they are going to search for descendants but they already are in financial trouble and therefore could not afford to research and search out the owners or descendants of these family plots as it would cost a small fortune. As we all know the government states they will do one thing and they do entirely a different thing. Your ancestors that date back to the beginning of the State of Michigan only paid a few dollars for these plots which many hold 8, 10, 12 sites in each plot but it was their hard earned money not the governments money taht paid for these plots. Cemeteries are sacred ground and should not be desecrated by anyone including the governments of these cities, towns, villages, counties, and or State. Yes, our ancestors may have only paid 30.00-50.00 per plot but the going prices for these same lots today can bring in as much as four thousand dollars or more depending on where they are at. Checking the Want Ads this a.m. where I live the cheapest lots were going for $2,345.00 each. So you see the government will really be making a killing on these unused plots that our ancestors paid for and they want to take them away from the family descendants. What will happen if you live out of state and have not been contacted and a family member dies and you are going to bury them in the family plot only to find out that it has been sold out from under you without your permission to do this? So please list members write letters, email them, write to the newspapers to the governor and the senators, and representatives, county executives, mayors and let them know we are not going to allow this to go any further and also make the City of Jackson return the monies they made off of the resale of these private plots. I am including email addresses in which you can write to the two major newspapers in Michigan and I am also giving you email addresses for other government officials. To write to the newspapers: [email protected] [email protected] click on the website and then click on the "contact us" and write your letters. Lansing State Journal Write to your local and county newspapers, let them know how you feel about what these governments are trying to do. Protect your cemeteries and your ancestral burial sites from these thieves before it is too late and they destroy them all because of their greediness. Write to the Governor of Michigan Janet Granholm by going to then register your email address and then click on Online Forms and Feedback and then write your letter. To address your letters to the Senators and House members address it like this [email protected] putting the name of your house representative in place of John Doe. For the Senate you address is as [email protected] putting your state senators name in place of John Doe. write to your county executive, mayors in the same way. If you want to fax a letter to the Governor of Michigan here is the number 1-517-373-3400 Lets get this out in the open so that everyone knows what is going on. We need to defend our ancestors final resting places and to retain them as they are now and not allow the government to sell them off. If we let them get away with this this time what will they do next? Dig up the bones and dump them in a garbage dump because they will stand to get more moeny from reselling these plots. I say NO! Dont' let them do this. Jean Payton

    07/10/2003 06:22:45
    1. [MIRoscommon] Roscommon census 1890-1930
    2. Michael Kaehn
    3. I am new to this list and am hoping to make contact with somebody that might have access to any Roscommon census for the years 1890-1930. I am hoping to find information on my Mc/MacDonald's who have been in that area since the early 1880s. Many thanks! Michael Victoria, BC Canada

    04/18/2003 12:05:19
    1. [MIRoscommon] Invalid Email Addresses
    2. Jack & Marianne Dibean
    3. We maintain the Michigan Marriage Index Database that has over 430,000 records of marriages that took place in Michigan. As part of our database we record the email address of researchers that have an interest in the various records. We have many records that have email address that are no long valid for one reason or another. One example is the shutting down of "". We have attempted to obtain accurate email address for those that are no longer valid, but, this has caused an expression of concern for many subscribers to the various mailing lists as they feel that we are overloading the system. We will no longer attempt to obtain correct email addresses. IF ANYONE HAS PROVIDED US WITH EMAIL ADDRESSES TO ATTACH TO THE MARRIAGE RECORDS AND HAVE CHANGED YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS PLEASE SEND US A MESSAGE THAT INCLUDES BOTH THE "OLD" AND "NEW" EMAIL ADDRESS. With several thousand email addresses in the database we cannot check everyones email so please only send us a message if you have had a change.  Jack & Marianne Dibean - Lansing Michigan Marriage Index Links ________________________________________________________________ Sign Up for Juno Platinum Internet Access Today Only $9.95 per month! Visit

    04/03/2003 12:53:31
    1. [MIRoscommon] Online maps for northern and southern states
    2. found these and thought I would share them. Census and formation maps Northern Maps Southern Maps Chas

    01/04/2003 07:03:57
    1. [MIRoscommon] Obituary Lookup?
    2. Pam White
    3. Is there anyone available in Roscommon County to do an obituary lookup? I'm looking for the death of George B. Howe who died 12 May 1925 in Roscommon County, MI. Thank you for any help that you can give me. Pam White

    11/13/2002 09:23:42
    1. [MIRoscommon] HOWE Surname, Death Lookup
    2. Pam White
    3. I am searching for information on George and Sarah J. HOWE, my gr-gr-gr-grandparents. They were on the 1920 Census for Roscommon County-George age 83, Sarah age 69. They had a son named Charles B. Howe. Is there anyone available in Roscommon County to do a death lookup for me? Thank you, Pam

    11/11/2002 02:39:58
    1. [MIRoscommon] Burkes at Houghton Lake 1890s to 1930 plus
    2. Murray Burke
    3. Looking for any information on a Wilbert Burke and his wife Catherine Burke nee Hazzard. They resided at Houghton lake for 30 to 40 years and had two children names unknown. Apparently Catherine was bedridden by 1930.Wilbert did general labor jobs in the area. He had a brother Elbridge Burke who lived there also in 1910 married to an Ida Anne Burke they apparently had no surviving children. It is probable Elbridge passed away or moved from the area by the 1920 census. If anyone has any knowledge of any of these people or possible descendants I would be most appreciative hearing from you. Murray Burke in Muskoka, Ont.

    08/06/2002 03:45:40
    1. [MIRoscommon] Andersonville Civil War POW site
    2. frye
    3. Forgive me for my mistake in the State mentioned in my previous posting. The figures and offer were for Michigan prisoners. Kevin Please visit my website dedicated to those Americans who were imprisoned and died in captivity while in the service to our country AOL USERS go to

    07/06/2002 06:19:12
    1. [MIRoscommon] Andersonville Civil War POW site
    2. frye
    3. I would like to welcome those of you new to this site and tell you there are some really great folks who are willing to help just for the asking. I, myself do Volunteer research at Andersonville Civil War Prison in Andersonville Georgia. There are Any research I do is absolutely at NO cost and I am willing to do what I can. There are 1376 prisoners on record from the state of Illinois and the almost 800 known from Illinois who died here, I thought I would send my offer. Here are my sources of research. There are 2 online databases to do lookups.....One by by Company and Regiment. I also have a copy of the Dorence Atwater Death list which has the names and grave numbers of 12960 graves with only 460 marked as " UNKNOWN " This along with a CD I have which contains 34,000 names of the 45,000 who were imprisoned there which helps me find prisoner records because of misspellings of the names or alternate names. I visit the prison site every couple of weeks and have access to the onsite databases as well as the physical files. I would like to let you know of another service I offer which is to take photos of graves for a small fee. Please do not consider this spam as my research offer is FREE for the asking and will be posted on this county site only once. If there is anything I can do in helping your research at Andersonville, please just ask. Kevin Frye Local Andersonville Historian / National Park Service Volunteer Please visit my website dedicated to those Americans who were imprisoned and died in captivity while in the service to our country AOL USERS go to

    07/06/2002 06:09:57
    1. [MIRoscommon] A more readable list
    2. Dale Willett
    3. New Items for Roscommon County at www.willett.orgA Gerrish Township School Bennett/Willett MarriageMabel Mary Willett Camp ObituaryMrs. John Willey Obit ObituaryVisits to Roscommon County Guests of the Willetts'School News Stedman/Willett/Lindsey/Fleming/Harman/Patton/Tereau/Hesch --------------------------------- Do You Yahoo!? New! SBC Yahoo! Dial - 1st Month Free & unlimited access

    07/05/2002 12:41:08
    1. [MIRoscommon] New Items Posted in the Michigan Collection for Lapeer, Roscommon, and Oceana Counties
    2. Dale Willett
    3. The following items have been added to the Michigan Collection at Lapeer 1874 Lapeer County Land Owners Maps Miss Jessie Goss Obituary Bradly Goss Obituary Mabel Mary Willett Camp Obituary Mrs. John Willey Obit Obituary Visits to Roscommon County OCEANAAdam Cushing ObituaryA.R. Cushing ObituaryRosaltha Wilcox Fleming DeGrootJessie Roxana Elliot FlemingAdelphine FlemingFrank Scott ObituaryFleming/Allison MarriageBennett/Willett Marriage RoscommonA Gerrish Township School Bennett/Willett MarriageMabel Mary Willett Camp ObituaryMrs. John Willey Obit ObituaryVisits to Roscommon County Guests of the WillettsSchool News Stedman/Willett/Lindsey/Fleming/Harman/Patton/Tereau/Hesch --------------------------------- Do You Yahoo!? New! SBC Yahoo! Dial - 1st Month Free & unlimited access

    07/05/2002 12:33:33
    1. [MIRoscommon] Burke families Roscommon Township
    2. Murray Burke
    3. Looking for descendants or someone knowing of the Burke families in Roscommon Twshp. 1890s to 1920 plus. Elbridge Burke and Ida Ann Burke living in Twshp on 1910 census. Wilbert Burke and Catherine Burke and possibly 2 children living there 1910 and 1920.and probably after that. Possible they arrivedin that area as early as 1890s from Bay City. Originally from Canada. These gentlemen were my great uncles and have been lost to the Canadian part of the family since early 1920s. Any help would be much appreciated. Murray Burke in Muskoka, Ontario.

    06/07/2002 04:42:47
    1. [MIRoscommon] Christie in Hougton Lake
    2. Madelyn
    3. Am searching for any one related to Gordon J Christie in Houghton Lk, Michigan Gordon either worked or owned a Real Estate company there Madelyn Surnames I am searching Marotta, Veccia, Christie, Micks, Goodman, Johnson, Miller, Ramsey, White, Oakley, Vaughn --------------------------------- Do You Yahoo!? Sign-up for Video Highlights of 2002 FIFA World Cup

    06/05/2002 12:37:50
    1. [MIRoscommon] New Items @
    2. Dale Willett
    3. These items have been added to the web: 1896 Clinton County Land Owners Maps (all sixteen townships) Mail Stage Line, 1860 Ad American House Hotel, 1860 Ad Ransom and Spaulding, 1860 Ad 1890 Map of Weare Township, Oceana County 1913 Map of Weare Township, Oceana County 1930 Map of Gerrish Township, Roscommon County 1902-1903 Noggle School Souvenier, Sherman, Osceola County 1940 Annual Financial Report of Gerrish Township, Roscommon County For netscape users, if you have a problem loading the page: dale [email protected] --- Outgoing mail is certified Virus Free. Checked by AVG anti-virus system ( Version: 6.0.343 / Virus Database: 190 - Release Date: 3/22/2002

    03/31/2002 04:36:35
    1. [MIROSCOM] Bliss or Blip
    2. Carrol
    3. Greetings Gang, On one of the Michigan Mailing lists which I am subscribed to someone recently (seems like the past week) inquired about a female they were searching for by the surname of Bliss or Blip. I can't remember which mailing list it was on since I didn't save the original message. I just discovered that one of my researching cousins, has a great grandmother, Mary M. Bliss in one of her other lines, which I am not related to. Does anyone still have the original message or know who sent it. I would like to connect these two researchers up, incase they can help each other. Carrol in Michigan

    03/20/2002 04:09:53
    1. [MIROSCOM] URGENTLY NEEDED: All Swartwout,Swarthout, Swartout,Swartwood, Swathwood, Swarthwood, descendants
    2. Kathy Hoeldke
    3. URGENT REQUEST!: Now that we are over the holidays, This years is our 350th Anniversary of the landing of the Swartwout family in North America. The name has many variations such as Swarthout, Swartout, Swartwood, Swathwood, Swarthwood etc. We need help in gather lines, pictures, articles, wills, what ever you have stashed in your attic. We would really appreciated it if you shared with us what you had, there a literally thousands of us here looking for our roots, looking for connections. For our 350th Anniversary we need to updated our list of folks out there that are descendants somewhere along the line of any of those variations. We also have a family newsletter that cost only $5.00 per year, a real bargain. Just send it your mailing address. Every day I get e-mail asking me for help. Up here in Canada, there were two brothers that had huge families, all the remains of their descendants are the female sides. All the male went back to the States. I'm am the maintainer of "The Updated Swartwout Chronicles" People submit their lines-ged-coms etc. and I just drop them into the data base. It is everyone's database. Each person is responsible for their own submissions. It is not copyrighted. Kathy [email protected] [email protected]

    01/13/2002 08:39:56
    1. [MIROSCOM] EDWARDS, Alfred, Prudenville, Roscommon Co., MI
    2. Julia Conkey
    3. Is there someone living in or near Prudenville who might be able to get an obit for me? Alfred EDWARDS, b. 10 Apr 1904; d. November 1985, Prudenville, Roscommon Co., MI. I'm sorry but I don't have the actual date of death - what is shown comes from the SSDI. I'd be happy to pay related costs. Thank you! Julia Conkey Ridgefield, WA .Get more from the Web. FREE MSN Explorer download :

    12/27/2001 10:11:12
    1. [MIROSCOM]
    2. Carrol in Michigan
    3. Greetings gang, The other day I wrote and asked for help about the students of the Five Points School in Denton Twp in 1877. It looks like I may have solved part of the mystery today in the 1880 Census. I found a William Hale age 45, born Ohio, still living in Denton Twp, with his daughter Ettie Hale age 10, born Ohio, and son Freddy Hale age 12, born in Ohio. (No wife or mother there, is she dead or just somewhere else when census was taken...?) I do have a William Hale who was the nephew of my GGGgrandparents George Wickham and his wife Lydia Cox. This William Hale was a couple of years older than this, but it is still possible...and this William Hale was married to a Sarah Ann Hoagland. Is there anyone there who recognizes any of these people? Carrol in Michigan ******************************************* P.S. If you need help with your research, check one of the weblinks below, they just may include the clue you need. Trace your roots at! race_roots Ancestry's Library ncestry_s_library AIS Census Indexes is_census_indexes_

    10/24/2001 04:23:13
    1. [MIROSCOM] "Five Points" at
    2. Carrol in Michigan
    3. Greetings, Now that some of you have had a chance to read the article which my cousin wrote about our family at Houghton Lake, I have a couple of questions. Does "Five Points" or Denton Township still exist? Is the original school house still there. According to one of my other Wickham cousin's, it was also a relative who was the first teacher there, and all the first pupils were cousins. My second question has to do with the names of the children who were the first students. I am fairly certain that the William Wickham mentioned was William Case Wickham, my 1st cousin, 3 times removed, since he was the correct age, being born in September 20, 1870. But I have not been able to tell for sure whose children the other cousins were. Since I do not have the names of all of my cousin's children. Is there anyone out there who recognizes these names, and knows whose children they were? Carrol in Mt. Morris, Michigan ****************************************** P.S. If you need help with your research, check one of the weblinks below, they just may include the clue you need. Trace your roots at! race_roots Ancestry's Library ncestry_s_library AIS Census Indexes is_census_indexes_

    10/22/2001 05:02:48