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    3. We maintain the Michigan Marriage Index Database that has over 430,000 records of marriages that took place in Michigan. As part of our database we record the email address of researchers that have an interest in the various records. We have many records that have email address that are no long valid for one reason or another. One example is the shutting down of "". We have attempted to obtain accurate email address for those that are no longer valid, but, this has caused an expression of concern for many subscribers to the various mailing lists as they feel that we are overloading the system. We will no longer attempt to obtain correct email addresses. IF ANYONE HAS PROVIDED US WITH EMAIL ADDRESSES TO ATTACH TO THE MARRIAGE RECORDS AND HAVE CHANGED YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS PLEASE SEND US A MESSAGE THAT INCLUDES BOTH THE "OLD" AND "NEW" EMAIL ADDRESS. With several thousand email addresses in the database we cannot check everyones email so please only send us a message if you have had a change.  Jack & Marianne Dibean - Lansing Michigan Marriage Index Links ________________________________________________________________ Sign Up for Juno Platinum Internet Access Today Only $9.95 per month! Visit

    04/02/2003 09:14:31