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    1. ([MIOTSEGO])Memorial Day
    2. Richard Berkheiser
    3. Hi everyone! Sorry to start another thread of messages so close to a Surname Shout Out but with the lists being down the first part of the year it threw my scheduling off. Hope you don't mind... With this being the Memorial Day Weekend, I thought it would it be interesting to post one ancestor we have in our family trees who served in one of the many wars and battles we fought in US History. Obviously it has to be an ancestor from this county. :) Give a brief biography of that person including the unit and war he or she was in, a POW, injuries, plus the usual genealogical stuff. Thanks in advance and have a safe weekend! Rick B Admin

    05/27/2018 08:08:27
    1. ([MIOTSEGO])Surname Shout Out
    2. Richard Berkheiser
    3. Hi everyone! Just letting you know that the lists are back up and running again so to "celebrate" our return I'm initiating a first ever Surname Shout Out. A Surname Shout Out works like a Roll Call where we all post an ancestor we're totally stumped on. Happy Hunting! Rick B Admin

    05/25/2018 08:32:43
    1. [MIOTSEGO] Michigan Marriage Index Update - Oct 2017
    2. Morton

    11/05/2017 01:47:04
    1. [MIOTSEGO] Michigan Marriage Index Update - Oct 2016
    2. Morton

    11/06/2016 10:51:05
    1. [MIOTSEGO] Michigan mzrriage Index Update
    2. Morton via
    3. The following is a list of changed or new records for this county NAME,SPOUSE,DATE,DOCUMENT,INFO ===================================================== VALENTINE - ROLINSKI,FRANCISCA - IYBORRKI,12 JAN 1881,--,-- Jack & Marianne Dibean

    10/26/2015 02:55:13
    1. Re: [MIOTSEGO] New to list- Charles N Cook death notice lookup please
    2. bruce stevens
    3. Hi List, I need your help.My GGGG-Grandfather, William See was killed in a battle with the British during the war of 1812. He was killed Oct. 20, 1813 in Elmira, Ostego Co., Michigan. His war record says he was buried there in Elmira. If he had a gravestone it might say private, but he actully was a Captain. He commanded a company of Kentucky volunteers. Are there any records in Elmira or Ostego Co? Is there a cemetary there in Elmira with the burial records? I would greatly appreciate any help. Thank you Bruce Stevens --- On Fri, 12/11/09, Michelle Cook <[email protected]> wrote: > From: Michelle Cook <[email protected]> > Subject: [MIOTSEGO] New to list- Charles N Cook death notice lookup please > To: [email protected] > Date: Friday, December 11, 2009, 8:17 PM > My name is Michelle Cook, and I live > in Christchurch,New Zealand. Is > there sks who has access to death notices, obituries, I > would > appreciate a copy or typed death notice forCharles N COOK, > Birth: 1915 > - Michigan, United States of America >      Death: 10 May 1988 - Gaylord, > Ostego Co, Michigan.USA >          Burial: in Evergreen > Hill Cemetery, Corwith TWP, Ostego, Vanderblt, >           >    Michigan >      Father: John  Edward > (Charles) COOK (1892-          ) >          Mother: Essie Eliza > NEWMAN (1893-1972) > > > Regards > Michelle Cook > > ------------------------------- > To unsubscribe from the list, please send an email to [email protected] > with the word 'unsubscribe' without the quotes in the > subject and the body of the message >

    02/25/2010 02:37:00
    1. [MIOTSEGO] New to list- Charles N Cook death notice lookup please
    2. Michelle Cook
    3. My name is Michelle Cook, and I live in Christchurch,New Zealand. Is there sks who has access to death notices, obituries, I would appreciate a copy or typed death notice forCharles N COOK, Birth: 1915 - Michigan, United States of America Death: 10 May 1988 - Gaylord, Ostego Co, Michigan.USA Burial: in Evergreen Hill Cemetery, Corwith TWP, Ostego, Vanderblt, Michigan Father: John Edward (Charles) COOK (1892- ) Mother: Essie Eliza NEWMAN (1893-1972) Regards Michelle Cook

    12/12/2009 09:17:11
    1. [MIOTSEGO] william see
    2. bruce stevens
    3. Dear List, I am searching for info on my GGGG-grandfather. He was killed during a battle near Elmira, Ostego Co., MI. on October 20, 1813. War of 1812 records show he was buried in a cemetary at Elmira. He was listed as a private, but was actually a Captain in charge of a Company of Kentucky volunteers. Hope you can help with any info about him or this battle. Thank you Bruce Stevens __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Tired of spam? Yahoo! Mail has the best spam protection around

    10/27/2007 09:50:23
    1. [MIOTSEGO] Invalid Email Addresses
    2. Jack Dibean
    3. We have the following invalid EMAIL ADDRESSES in the Michigan Marriage Index Database. We will be deleting these EMAIL ADDRESSES about the first of March 2007. Please let us know of any replacement EMAIL ADDRESSES for these. Thank you very much. [email protected] (not valid),Faye Fannon [email protected] (not valid),Tim Scalf [email protected] (not valid),Georgia A Becker [email protected] (not valid),K Matelski [email protected] (not valid),R O [email protected] (not valid),Paulette Quarterman Jack & Marianne Dibean - Lansing Michigan GenWeb Archives: Email Address: [email protected] WWII Memorial:

    01/16/2007 09:15:38
    1. New Kalamazoo County Cemetery Website
    2. We are pleased and excited to announce the following to our Genealogy Community: AN ALL NEW ROOTSWEB HOSTED WEBSITE WHICH WILL PROVIDE FREE ACCESS TO EVERY CEMETERY IN KALAMAZOO COUNTY, MICHIGAN! Our objective is to provide indexes of burials as well as photos and transcription records of all gravestones in Kalamazoo County. We are certain this site will become one of the premiere cemetery sites on the Internet! The project is being provided in the best interest of the Genealogy Community by a team of volunteers. We currently have collected data for over 60,000 burials in Kalamazoo County, and that data is in various stages of computerization.  As each of the cemeteries is completed, it will be added to our new site where it can be freely accessed by all. Our site is now available at the URL below.  Keep in mind, we are just beginning and we will continuously add each and every cemetery as we complete them.  In addition, cemeteries that have been completed will be updated yearly with any new burials during the year.  Our site is hosted by Rootsweb and will soon be highlighted by Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter. In addition to indexing burials we will have complete stone transcriptions, cemetery maps, cemetery photos, grave photos, printable township reports, printable cemetery reports and much more.  We also have an e-mail list for those who wish to be notified as the site is updated.  Please visit often. Please visit us at:

    06/01/2006 04:21:12
    1. Michigan Marriage Index Email Addresss - No Longer Valid
    2. Jack Dibean
    3. In our Michigan Marriage Index Database we have many email address that are no longer valid. We will begin removing these email address beginning in June 2006 unless we can verify them. INFO,RESEARCHER,COUNTY ======================================== [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Lori & Greg Advocaat,- [email protected] (not valid),Al & Peggy Green,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Al Martin,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not vaiid),Ann Durfee,- [email protected] (not valid),Annette Vitale,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid,Amy Brown,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid,Kathy Hauser,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Elizabeth A Hill,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected](not valid),Maxine Seleski,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Lois Katona,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Dennis Cooper,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Kelly Kahlau,- [email protected] (not valid),Julie,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Curtis & Sue Lathan,- [email protected] (not valid),Kathy Bradley,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Dena Sabin,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Denise Kososki,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Odie,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Richard Harmer Brown,- [email protected] (not valid),Suzanna Martin,- [email protected] (not valid),Ed & Lu Bardill,- [email protected] (not valid),Sally F Stewart-Ross,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Ernest Jury,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Kathleen Cook McNulty,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Gerald Garner,-, [email protected] (not valid),Gary K Lee,- [email protected] (not valid),Jim Shreve Sr,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Diana Goings,- [email protected] (not valid),Janet E Grantham,- [email protected] (not valid),Mark Emery,- [email protected] (not valid),Janet L Bean,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Jane T,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Judy Kracht,- [email protected] (not valid),Thomas Kryssbek,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Michael Leete,- [email protected], (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Judy Gross Nickle,- [email protected] (not valid),Janet L Kral,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Julie Cleland,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),--,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Lavone Penoza,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Jim Simpson,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Joyce Maxwell Warren,-, [email protected] (not valid),Lynda Azalde,- [email protected] (not valid),Roger Kadz,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Kevin Tucker,- [email protected] (not valid),Karen Fanta,- [email protected] (not valid),Deb Kingdon,- [email protected] (not valid),Evan & Sharon Kisela,- [email protected] (not valid),Bruce & Kitty Whitney,- [email protected] (not valid),Kristina Jobin Deziel,- [email protected] (not valid),--,- [email protected] (not valid),Stewart Gay,- [email protected] (not valid),Ken Stark,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Debra Perkins,- [email protected] (not valid),Linda Ann Curtis,- [email protected] (not valid),Lee J Davis,- [email protected] (not valid),Evelyn Brown,- [email protected] (not valid),Lisa Woodward,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Chris V,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Marian Gamester,- [email protected] (not valid),Mary Zednick,- [email protected] (not valid),M Clifton,- [email protected] (not valid),Mary Ellen Drolet,- [email protected] (not valid),Fran Melheim,- [email protected] (not valid),Uka Mike Bendrey,- [email protected] (not valid),Bonnie McVicar-Briggs,- [email protected] (not valid),Michelle Warner,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Leah O'Hair,- [email protected] (not valid),Mary Lou Graham,- [email protected] (not valid),Matt Bohn,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),--,- [email protected] (not valid),Nancy Kavuk,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Debbie Clark,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Dana Olson,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Jim Duggan,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Julie Panney,- [email protected] (not valid,-,- [email protected] (not valid),Lori McGuire,- [email protected] (not valid),Ruth Burt,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Andreas Pilson,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Marv & Pat Sebring,- [email protected] (not valid),Pamela D McErlane,- [email protected] (not valid),Cheryl Thompson,- [email protected] (not valid),Rachel Dobben,- [email protected] (not valid),Richard E Durbin,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Nancy J Nelson,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Burr Robson,- [email protected] (not valid),Richard Harmer Brown,- [email protected] (not valid),RICHARD G BOYD,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Roianne Brown,- [email protected] (not valid),Judi Trenton,- [email protected] (not valid),Charles A Wood,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Jean Shanelec,- [email protected] (not valid),Maggie Skalka,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Patricia Slota,- [email protected] (not valid),Suzanne Mull,- [email protected](not valid),Bob Snyder,- [email protected] (not valid),-,, [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Lynette Stilley,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Sue Palmer,CLARE [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Sherry Angus Wilson,- [email protected] (not valid),Gordon Tans,- [email protected] (not valid),Mel LETT,- [email protected] (not valid),Jackie Eckhout,- [email protected] (not valid),--,- [email protected] (not valid),Steve Germinder,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Thomas & Paula Lukow,- [email protected] (not valid),Patricia Poirrier,- [email protected] (not valid),Gloria Hall,-, [email protected] (not valid),George Stuart Smith,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Vic Moore,- [email protected] (not valid),Violet E Poland,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Glenna Holbury,- [email protected] (not valid),-,, [email protected] (not valid),Theron Martin,- [email protected] (not valid),Dale Willett,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Colleen Udell,- [email protected] (not valid),Jeannie Flanegin,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),Mary Selden Chauncey,- [email protected] (not valid),Faith,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- [email protected] (not valid),-,- Jack & Marianne Dibean - Lansing Michigan GenWeb Archives: Email Address: [email protected] WWII Memorial:

    05/15/2006 01:22:25
    1. Update: New Alpena County History and Genealogy Site
    2. Greetings again, We are going to be adding 2 new pages to the site shortly. One will be a Family Links page for anyone to add a link to their family site. The only criteria for this page is that a portion of the website must have a family connection to Alpena County. The other page will be a Surname page for family names connected to Alpena County. The Surname page will allow you to post your Alpena Surnames on the website. When someone clicks on one of your surnames they will be able to send you an e-mail about your surname. You might find a connection by posting your surname on the site. To participate, just reply to this e-mail and provide your name, your surnames you want posted on the site or your website you want a link to. Thanks Myra Herron, Site Coordinator Scott Grinder, Administrator/Webmaster

    04/30/2006 08:46:42
    1. New Alpena County History and Genealogy Site
    2. Greetings on behalf of the new Alpena County History and Genealogy site. Our site is associated with the American Local History Network (ALHN) and is devoted to local history and genealogy for all of Alpena County.  We are in our beginning stages and have much more information to add.  We welcome your input as well as suggestions for improvements and additions.  If you have stories, pictures or genealogical information that you would like to submit, feel free to let us know.  Please go to this link and enjoy the tour.  And please add it to your favorites and visit us often, as we will continually be adding to the site. Feel free to sign our guestbook. Website URL: Myra Herron, Site Coordinator Scott Grinder, Administrator/Webmaster

    04/30/2006 05:27:22
    1. Teachers in Elmira, Michigan 1910 - photograph
    2. oldphotos
    3. We've added a photo of Teachers in Elmira, Michigan in 1910 on line in the Michigan section at Identified in the photograph: Mr. Dorr Buell Mrs. D. Buell Ethel Colleck Mr. Honeywell Mrs. Honeywell Frank Jordan Sadie Lundeen Mr. Murray Mrs. Murray Mr. Stafford Mrs. Stafford Bertha Tuthill Mr. Upton Charley Weaver Mrs. Weaver To go directly to the photo -

    01/04/2006 08:51:35
    1. Sehl
    2. Sehl's
    3. Am looking for someone that is researching or can do research for me on the Sehl Family in Otsego County, Michigan. Have some info and can supply names, dates, etc. Would love to hear from someone there!!!! jo

    05/30/2004 01:30:35
    1. Eaton County Genealogical Society Seminar
    2. Jan Sedore
    3. If you have not sent in your registration for the Eaton County Genealogical Society Seminar on 17 April 2004. Fawne was with us last year and we had many requests to bring her back so that she could share some more of her wonderful information and insight with us. I would ask that you forward this to your friends that might be interested. Seating will be limited so don't miss out. The deadline has been extended until April 10th. After that date you should check for availability. Go to our website at <> for further information. This year's annual workshop is sure to be a full day of important information. Both primary records and online sources will be discussed at length. Prepare yourself now for a summer of research by arming yourself with the most up-to-date information. CROWN LAND RECORDS For those who attended last year's workshop and heard Fawne speak on Land Registry Office records you will know the importance of understanding land records. This year Fawne will tell us all about crown land records - those lands that brought immigrants to a new world in search of free government land! For those who did not attend last year but have those ancestors that you cannot find before they come to Michigan, they may well have spent time in Ontario working for a grant of crown land to no avail before coming here. Many thousands of early settlers in the province inhabited crown lands through renting, leasing, squatting, government grants and sales. However, hundreds and even thousands of these early settlers never received the actual patent to the land from the government. Fortunately, records of the initial request for land, or attempts to settle crown land were still generated. In some instances, these records represent the only evidence of a settler's existence in the province before they died or moved on to other areas of Canada or the US. This discussion will provide researchers with a sound understanding of the land granting process, the availability of a variety of crown land records and resources. This is an important source of records for anyone doing Ontario research. USING MAPS IN FAMILY HISTORY RESEARCH Maps are critical research tools for family history research. Maps both old and new are important resources to help researchers track down facts about their families; offer the names of individual landowners or residents; show the location of a home on a specific lot; illustrate the relationship of settlers to local institutions; reveal changing place names and; even show changes in the boundaries of nations, provinces, counties, administrative areas (important to early record keeping). An understanding of geographic locations and the relationships illustrated with maps will help family historians locate potential sources of records about their families. This lecture will both explain and visually illustrate the importance of maps for family history research. By attending this year's workshop you will also have an opportunity to see copies of rare Ontario maps. ONLINE SOURCES FOR FAMILY HISTORY RESEARCH Are you trying to do your research online? This session will provide an overview of helpful online resources for researching your family history. Particular attention is given to finding primary sources online and information for those searching in the ancestral homelands of England, Ireland, Scotland and Europe. What tools are there to help you? What obstacles will you encounter? What pitfalls should you watch for? Discover how to connect your primary research with online resources and information. Due to the popularity of this lecture, it has been expanded beyond the 1 hour allotted during the workshop which means participants will receive even more valuable information than originally planned. It also means the schedule for the day could run a little bit over. Don't miss this important information to help you search online effectively! FAMILY HISTORY RESEARCH IN THE 21ST CENTURY Today we stand as participants and witnesses to the infant years of a new century and a new millennium. In the same way that technology has revolutionized the way we live, the hobby (or should we say "obsession") of family history is also in the throws of revolutionary change. But what does this mean to the way in which we conduct our research? More importantly, what will be the legacy of modern family historians for future generations? This session is designed to help researchers identify and balance the information and resources available both online and in traditional institutions in order to make the most of them and ensure that our family history research is a lasting legacy for future generations

    03/29/2004 07:50:20
    1. Harrison Keller
    2. RG Boyd
    3. Hello I have a Boy Scout handbook dated 1929 in which Harrison C. Keller has written his name on the cover as Scoutmaster of Troop 107. On 1st page inside he signed his name as "Harrison Keller" A descendant may claim the book for my cost. [email protected]

    09/02/2003 09:34:37
    3. Dear Listers: Some of you may receive this letter more than once if you are on more than one county List in Michigan. I apologize for any inconvience this may cause you. I believe we all should be made aware of what is beginning to become a problem with our cemeteries through out Michigan. Yesterday, Detroit News Metro/State Section carried a news article about the City of Lansing wanting to reclaim thousand of unused gravesites so that they may resell them to bring money into their government. As the City of Jackson, Michigan has already done this and has netted them three hundred thousand dollars, we as descendants of the families who are buried in Michigan Cemeteries need to stand up as one to put a stop to this unlawful event. Yes, we have many old and historical cemeteries through out Michigan and its many counties, cities, towns, villages but I do not believe that any of these governments have the right to take back what your ancestors paid for with their blood, sweat, and tears. Our ancestors paid for these graves to be used by our families, not to be taken back from the descendants of these people who paid for these graves. Yes, families move and shift around the country and thus we leave unused grave sites but I believe that these unused sites should remain in the families of the people who are buried in these plots that have unused sites. I own plots in three different cemeteries in the State of Michigan and since I hold title to them that has been passed down from my great grandparents, grandparents, and parents does not give the city, town, county, or state the right to confiscate them to resell them at their gain. There is no way that my husband and I will utilize all of these gravesites but since I have the titles to theses plots I intend handing them down to my children to be used after our deaths and burial. In order to keep from having this event occur anywhere in our State, we as the family historians and genealogists need to stand up and voice our opinions and let these governments know that we won't stand for this thievery. We need to contact the Michigan Governor and the Senators and the House Representatives, the county executives, city mayors to let them know that we are going to protect our ancestoral burial sites from them. So what I am asking is for help here. With each one of us contacting the cemeteries in which your loved ones were laid to rest find out if there are unused spaces and find out how to go about getting the titles to these plots so that the government cannot take them and then resell them at inflated prices back to the public. Yes, the City of Lansing states they they are going to search for descendants but they already are in financial trouble and therefore could not afford to research and search out the owners or descendants of these family plots as it would cost a small fortune. As we all know the government states they will do one thing and they do entirely a different thing. Your ancestors that date back to the beginning of the State of Michigan only paid a few dollars for these plots which many hold 8, 10, 12 sites in each plot but it was their hard earned money not the governments money taht paid for these plots. Cemeteries are sacred ground and should not be desecrated by anyone including the governments of these cities, towns, villages, counties, and or State. Yes, our ancestors may have only paid 30.00-50.00 per plot but the going prices for these same lots today can bring in as much as four thousand dollars or more depending on where they are at. Checking the Want Ads this a.m. where I live the cheapest lots were going for $2,345.00 each. So you see the government will really be making a killing on these unused plots that our ancestors paid for and they want to take them away from the family descendants. What will happen if you live out of state and have not been contacted and a family member dies and you are going to bury them in the family plot only to find out that it has been sold out from under you without your permission to do this? So please list members write letters, email them, write to the newspapers to the governor and the senators, and representatives, county executives, mayors and let them know we are not going to allow this to go any further and also make the City of Jackson return the monies they made off of the resale of these private plots. I am including email addresses in which you can write to the two major newspapers in Michigan and I am also giving you email addresses for other government officials. To write to the newspapers: [email protected] [email protected] click on the website and then click on the "contact us" and write your letters. Lansing State Journal Write to your local and county newspapers, let them know how you feel about what these governments are trying to do. Protect your cemeteries and your ancestral burial sites from these thieves before it is too late and they destroy them all because of their greediness. Write to the Governor of Michigan Janet Granholm by going to then register your email address and then click on Online Forms and Feedback and then write your letter. To address your letters to the Senators and House members address it like this [email protected] putting the name of your house representative in place of John Doe. For the Senate you address is as [email protected] putting your state senators name in place of John Doe. write to your county executive, mayors in the same way. If you want to fax a letter to the Governor of Michigan here is the number 1-517-373-3400 Lets get this out in the open so that everyone knows what is going on. We need to defend our ancestors final resting places and to retain them as they are now and not allow the government to sell them off. If we let them get away with this this time what will they do next? Dig up the bones and dump them in a garbage dump because they will stand to get more moeny from reselling these plots. I say NO! Dont' let them do this. Jean Payton

    07/10/2003 06:22:45
    1. Invalid Email Addresses
    2. Jack & Marianne Dibean
    3. We maintain the Michigan Marriage Index Database that has over 430,000 records of marriages that took place in Michigan. As part of our database we record the email address of researchers that have an interest in the various records. We have many records that have email address that are no long valid for one reason or another. One example is the shutting down of "". We have attempted to obtain accurate email address for those that are no longer valid, but, this has caused an expression of concern for many subscribers to the various mailing lists as they feel that we are overloading the system. We will no longer attempt to obtain correct email addresses. IF ANYONE HAS PROVIDED US WITH EMAIL ADDRESSES TO ATTACH TO THE MARRIAGE RECORDS AND HAVE CHANGED YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS PLEASE SEND US A MESSAGE THAT INCLUDES BOTH THE "OLD" AND "NEW" EMAIL ADDRESS. With several thousand email addresses in the database we cannot check everyones email so please only send us a message if you have had a change.  Jack & Marianne Dibean - Lansing Michigan Marriage Index Links ________________________________________________________________ Sign Up for Juno Platinum Internet Access Today Only $9.95 per month! Visit

    04/02/2003 09:14:31
    1. Rev War and maps
    2. found these and thought I would share them. Census and formation maps Northern Maps and one for the Revolutionary war that is still under construction according to the webmaster but still has so good stuff none the less. Chas

    01/21/2003 11:27:11