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    1. [MIIONIA] German records
    2. Lori Fox via
    3. If your early ancestors to Ionia County came from Germany or Prussia or any of its other names in history, try the new records available on My search this morning found the Prussian marriage record of my husband's third great grandparents (the immigrants). It lists the exact marriage date and the names of all four parents including maiden names. I also found birth and christening records of this 3rd-great-grandmother's siblings. Also the village where they were christened. I just now searched for another Prussian great-great-grandparents' records and again found a marriage record with all parents including maiden names. God is good today. Try your luck. I am going to search for other great-great-grandparents to see if I can extend my children's heritage even further. Lori Fox President, Ionia County Genealogical Society

    07/29/2014 03:17:30