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    1. [MDSTMARY] Drury, Johnson, Gibson and--?
    2. michael Bowling
    3. I wanted to get this time line into the archives. I don't see how the wife of Rhody Gibson can be Michael Drury's daughter Mary Ann. Maybe an ID on the 1818 Joseph Johnson would be a lead. Michael Bowling 3 Nov 1775: Marriage of Michael Drury and Ann Yates ca 1785: Birth of Mary Ann Drury 1790 census: Rhodolphus Gibson household in St Mary's County includes one white female and one slave ca 1806, 1808, 1810: Births of Elizabeth, Julia Ann and Susannah Gibson (from censuses or estimated from marriage date) 22 Sep 1812: Marriage of Mary Ann Drury and Joseph Johnson May 1816: Will of Charles Harden (husband of Henrietta Gibson Cheseldine Harden) mentions godchildren Elizabeth and Juliet [sic] Gibson, daughters of Rhody Gibson 1813-1825: Births of William Peter, Ann, John Lewis, Joseph Leonard, Michael Hilary and Richard B Johnson 3 Mar 1818: Rodolph [sic] Gibson posts bond on the estate of Joseph Johnson per orphan’s court records 22 Feb 1819: Mary Ann Gibson files as administrator of Rhodolph Gibson and admin DBN of Joseph Johnson per orphan’s court 20 Apr 1819: Mary Ann Gibson applies to sell estate of Rhodolph Gibson, orphan’s court 1819: Mary Ann Gibson appointed guardian of her children Elizabeth, Julian [sic] and Susannah Gibson, orphan’s court 12 May 1824: Marriage License, Mary Ann Gibson and James Morgan 3 Jun 1828: Orphan’s court case names five children of Mary Ann Johnson represented by their next friend, Joseph Johnson, in the estate of Michael Drury 1833: Death of Joseph Johnson

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