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    1. [MDHARFOR] Re: MDHARFOR Digest, Vol 13, Issue 5
    2. Gail Ferris
    3. I greatly appreciate your expertise and information, Susan.  Thank you.  A few days ago someone on this list posted a link to the facebook group, Harford County, Maryland Genealogy. Having had success with facebook, I joined.  The next day I hit pay day from a delightful woman; her great grandmother and mine are sisters!  This is the closest kinship I've found online, so I'm thrilled.  Gail Ferris > Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2020 15:14:33 -0500 > From: Susan Penn Groover <> > Subject: [MDHARFOR] Ramblings from the Backseat > To:,,, >,,, >,,, >,, > Message-ID: <> > Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8; format=flowed > > /_*Ramblings from the Backseat*_/ > > Beginning March 2nd, 2020 the Mailing Lists functionality on RootsWeb > will be discontinued. Users will no longer be able to send outgoing > emails or accept incoming emails. > > I have already announced that as of March 2^nd , when Roots Web ceases > to function as a mailing list that I will be hanging up my > administrator's hat. > > These are my observations and suggestions going forward. > > First and foremost, someone needs to step-up to be new administrator, > chairman, leader, whatever title you like. > > Next a decision should be made whether to remain a mailing list or a > bulletin board. Of course, what is to say both could be established. I > personally have not read, but Dick Eastman has endorsed as a > venue for mailing list. From what little time I have had, I would lean > toward to maintain mailing list format. > > I have no experience with bulletin boards therefore I have no input. I > am hearing Facebook, but I have issues with privacy and whether someone > would make the site secure enough. I am sure there are other venues for > bulletin board format. Can not stop someone setting up FB account, just > do not bother to invite me. Also, Ancestry has an established bulletin > board area, it is functioning. > > Due to the activity on most state lists, my next suggestion would be > that county mailing lists consolidate to form one state list. When > activity is established divide into regions. Too much activity then > establish a county list (start at the top and drill down). Under the > blanket of a state list posting could use subject line to keep the > identity of the county ie; SUBJECT: [AL-SUMTER] Looking for … > > Surname lists are a horse of a different color. Suggestion here would be > to make use of subject line. Kinda like reading a newspaper, the subject > line is like a headline of a newspaper. Personally I pay attention to an > informative subject line. > > A worry in the back of my mind is with the “mass exodus” from Roots Web > to other venue on whether that venue can handle the new activity or > whether “we” will cause that venue to crash and burn. Here's hoping that > is a needless concern. > > Once the list is established … there needs to be centralized place where > a directory or a place of registration that searching community would go > to find the list. Since I am US based, USGenWeb comes to mind. This > maybe more difficult step. USGenWeb sites are individually maintained. > Hearing rumblings that this may be solved in the near future. > > Last concern (for the moment) would be “being nice and playing well with > others.” Personally, have not experienced this problem. Frustration, > maybe. Especially when Roots Web fell apart and returned “fixed” with > continuing problems. For example, I still have to push through a post > from someone using AOL. AOL users … this is why your post takes a little > longer to be seen. Sorry, I do my best with the tools I have to work > with. Patience is probably going to be the keyword in days to come. > Patience with the leaders that will step forward. They are going to be > putting a lot on their plates and will need support in establishing a > new venue and getting it working, establishing their rules, etc. > > Congratulation to those lists that have found a “new home.” From what I > see you are in good hands! Will try to make this last posting to those > newly adopted lists. (Posting to all lists today.) > > At this point in time, Family Trees, Message Boards, Web Sites, & Wiki > at Roots Web are not effected to my knowledge. Of course, Message Boards > are already part of Ancestry. > > So open conversation. Work on finding a volunteer to lead the list > forward. I'm gonna stop rambling for the moment. I'm here till they turn > off the lights and lock the door. > > Susan > > >

    01/13/2020 05:26:31